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 4A Rankers

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PostSubject: 4A Rankers   Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:32 pm

Just a thought on the 4A rankers ( girls and boys)
-seams some have been doing it for a long time!
-maybe after a while some should pass it on for others to do???
-some of them coach teams that are not in the top teams in the province or go to the top tournaments.
- so how do they do a good job of ranking if they dont see the good teams??
-Some rankers are not and have not been coaching for a few years, so again, how do they do a good job of ranking???
- One thing I do like is Calgary girls have 2 rankers that come to an agreement on their ranking.
Just some thoughts, maybe I am way out there, if I am let me know!!
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4A Rankers
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