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 Rotten Whistle Award

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PostSubject: Rotten Whistle Award    Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:35 am

There are some refs who are very good, the majority are adequate and fair, but there are a few who deserve the "ROTTEN WHISTLE AWARD jocolor

Recent Nominees Include:

1st place: EP Scarlet vs BOB senior girls - ref removed the whole crowd because they were calling out "travel" "3 in the key" He didn't like others calling the game for him - BOO HOO! afro

2nd place: BG vs STM senior boys - ref ejected player from the game when he thought he saw the player "throw a punch" Fans from both sides booed that call - WHOA BIG FELLA - YOU HAD A PREMATURE EJECTION! No

3rd place: BOB vs BG senior boys - two refs gaze off and totally ignore one player with a bad temper throw a metal chair down onto the court as he stalked off to the change room. W here's T he F arm? scratch

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Rotten Whistle Award
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