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 AAA Senior Boys Basketball 2012-2013.... SD42, SD43

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PostSubject: AAA Senior Boys Basketball 2012-2013.... SD42, SD43   Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:31 pm

Does anybody know about SD43 and SD42 schools for next year? Here are some of the teams ive heard and know of
Pitt Meadows- Will be led by Seb Marshall , Jordan Rich, and pitt always has solid players overall. Lets see if goulet can bring them back to the langley event centre with a bunch of good players.
Gleneagle- This team has a bunch of solid juniors coming up,they are always well coached by Tony Scott, and will be led by Grade 11's Denver Sparks Guest and Artem. Artem knows how to use his height very well, and can be developed to be a great post presence.
Riverside- I dont know much about them next year... does anybody know how good they are?
Terry Fox- most of their best players are graduating this year, does anybody know where ryan sclater is going next year for his post secondary? they will be led by first team all star trevor casey, and cam nicol. trevor casey is easily one of the best big men next year in Bc because of his size and the way he can finish around the rim.
Centennial- this team always has great athletes, when i coached against them last year they had two black kids that could jump out of the building, not sure how deep they will be next year. They have justin buren who will be a double double guy next year.
Pinetree- i coached against this team last year and the two players that stood out were Clarence Choong and Mohammed, both of these players are very underrated, mohammed can finish around the basket, and clarence has a great stroke and a great scorer for his height, this team will surprise some teams next year.
Heritage- i dont know much about them but i think they have a bunch of players that played on the senior team, and they could be pretty good next year.
Port Moody- anyone know about them and who they might have?

What are your thoughts on sd43 and sd42 schools and players?
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PostSubject: Re: AAA Senior Boys Basketball 2012-2013.... SD42, SD43   Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:45 pm

i got the chance to watch some of these teams last year and these were the ones that stood out to me
Port Moody- they have some good juniors but they have no seniors that are serious about basketball, im not sure how far they will go.
Pitt- Shio , Seb, Jordan, Zack will be the main guys from pitt, jordan still towers over most people, but he can be weak with the ball at times. Not sure about their juniors but they usually have good juniors, i think they have one filipino guard that is a pretty good ballhandler
Terry Fox- Led by trevor casey, cam nicol, and some good juniors coming up... this team will win the districts. I believe ryan sclater's first sport is volleyball and should be going to post secondary for a volleyball scholarship.
Centennial- justin buren will lead this team, he is a great athlete, and they will have a solid starting lineup.
Charles Best- very underrated team, they will surprise many teams next year because of their bigs, but they lack a good backcourt.
Pinetree- when i watched this team.. mohammed didnt do much other than rebounding the ball and block shots, clarence is indeed a very good scorer and can shoot from anywhere on the court, but this team desperately needs some type of post presence to make it to the fraser valleys.
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AAA Senior Boys Basketball 2012-2013.... SD42, SD43
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