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 Manroop Clair Commits to Hawaii

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PostSubject: Manroop Clair Commits to Hawaii   Wed May 02, 2012 8:12 pm

Here's the article http://www.warriorinsider.com/2012/05/high-scoring-canadian-guard-commits-to-warriors/
I really thought one more year might have been better for him, but sounds like he likes the school.
Anyone know much about the school?
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PostSubject: Re: Manroop Clair Commits to Hawaii   Wed May 02, 2012 9:44 pm

Thats great news for Manroop. Does this now mean he is ineligible to play for Drive U17 this summer on the AAU circuit? If so, maybe Cohee will take his spot on the U17 team.
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PostSubject: Re: Manroop Clair Commits to Hawaii   Wed May 02, 2012 10:45 pm

Congrats to Manroop I am sure he will do very well with Hawaii. Once he signs a letter of intent he would no longer be eligible to play on the AAU circuit.
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Coach Mike

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PostSubject: Re: Manroop Clair Commits to Hawaii   Fri May 04, 2012 1:26 pm

First and foremost, major congratulations to Manroop for receiving a full scolarship at a very good mid-major program. Over the years there has been much discussions on this thread about Manroop, some overhype and some negative. In the end he received what he totally deserved. He has been an absolute dedicated and driven basketball player whose dream was to play D1, which many thought he couldn't. In the end he never stopped believing in himself and reaching his goal. He, South Burnaby, Drive and the BC basketball community should be very proud. Drive mentored him much along the way and provided him with the opportunity to showcase his abilities and open doors. I've met many a players over the years and when it comes to perserverance, dedication and mental toughness he's in rare company. Case in point, in Houston last week I watched him leave the court with a badly bloodied injured hand, which subsequently resulted in 14 stitches. Five minutes later he comes back on the court and plays with 1 hand and gives it everything he has. The following day he lights up the team from Corpus Christi Texas that reached the NCAA Live championship finals with 32 points. I've heard it said that he can't play with others, well in two recent NCAA live events in Bellevue and Houston he played exceptionally well with Cam Smythe, Luka and Jadon Cohee and others. Jadon said how much he actually enjoyed playing with him and how he inspired him to play harder and gave him lots of encouragement and feedback at the U17 level. This speaks volumes about his character.

I've been to University of Hawaii and attended their games. Its a marvelous arena and electric atmosphere. There are no professional teams so the community greatly supports their football and basketball programs. He'll be playing withinin 5, 000 to 10,000 people per night. Hawaiians are great and loving people so Manroop will thrive off and on the court. They are so knowledgeable and passionate about the game. His team will compete every year for the conference championship and there is a good chance you'll see him in March Madness as their team has changed conferences. As well ESPN picks up some of their games and all of their annual tournament just before Xmas where some big programs attend is televised on ESPN. I believe Manroop has the capability to have the same type of career as the last great Canadian and National Team member Carl English to play there. He'll have his ups and downs and game will change as he learns to be more of a distributor but trust me when I say they recruited him for outside shooting which is as good as anyone in the nation. But in the end he'll be in the gym every day working and working to get better, because that's who he is.

Go Get\em Manroop Basketball
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PostSubject: Re: Manroop Clair Commits to Hawaii   

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Manroop Clair Commits to Hawaii
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