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 Recruiting Updates

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PostSubject: Recruiting Updates   Mon May 14, 2012 12:56 pm

To my knowledge Kyle Arseneault (6'5" FHS/Acadia) is the only member of the class of '12 committed to play at the CIS level or higher next season and this list confirms it http://www.hoopstarscanada.com/news.pl?nid=79

Should this be considered a problem for the NB hoops community? Are there others being over looked?
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting Updates   Mon May 14, 2012 10:30 pm

I presume you must be talking about boys only, because I believe there is a girl from FHS who is going to Queens to play, and Jess Brown from Grand Manan is going to Memorial in NL to play, those are 2 that I know of.
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting Updates   Mon May 14, 2012 10:33 pm

Yes, I was talking about boys. I think it's fair to say NB women have a better track record of playing at the next level.
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting Updates   Tue May 15, 2012 8:31 am

Just to follow up I would agree that the women have a better track record of playing CIS then men. I'm not sure having only 1 CIS prospect for a single class in NB is a systemic problem basketballwise it may be a blip (our U17's didn't show very well last summer either). That being said there are some other issues that seem to be coming to the forefront (generally speaking):

1) On the CIS men's side their seems to be a real move to recruiting out of small/junior colleges rather then taking players right out of high school. A number of AUS coaches lately have taken the route of picking up most of their recrtuiing class as 2 year+ players from small college ranks. Seems they would rather have a player with a couple years of strength and seasoning who is walk in ready then build from the ground up.

2) Speaking of building from the ground up that is also on players too. I see more players who are playing small college to play now and maybe transfer later. People don't want to sit on the bench and develop when they can play and develop or at least just play.

3) Larger centres. Two issues hurt our kids here. 1) larger centres produce a greater number of kids playing hoops in generally more athletic frames then you get in our small pool (big provinces, states, etc) Somone once told me there are more people registered to play minor basketbal in Ottawa then live in NB. They just produce skilled kids from a more diverse genetic pool that give them size, speed, etc that our kids don't have in skilled frames. As a result in an increasingly physical game our kids skill sets need to be dramatically higher to balance our athletic imbalances. 2) Coaches get the choice between relatively similar players: lets call kid A bigger and springier but a little raw from a huge city and lets call kid B (skilled kid in a slighlty less athletic frame but highly successful in NB). As a CIS coach most are going with kid a either because of the visual, the upside or most likely because Kid A is happy to have somewhere to play with very little expectation vs Kid B who's used to being the star and comes in with expectations.

4) Finally I'm not throwing NB coaches under the bus because we have great coaches here working hard. I do continue to see traditional roles and tags being placed on kids in lots of programs for the benefit of the team or program that can hurt their long term prospects. The example I always use is that we have 0 kids playing in the AUS and most likely the CIS that are player centre for their teams. Yet how most post players do we have on high school teams province wide? OUr long kids that I see playing in the paint with back to the basket are going to have to face up forwards or perimeters at the next level.

The fact is that for our kids to play CIS league that is now littered with overrager transferring from junior colleges, tranfers from washed out experience state side, and top, 2nd and 3rd tier athletes from Canada's largest centres/American cities that they can't just be good for NB. They need a skill set that counters out any visuals or bias that coaches may have about true freshmen or NB players. We see the very best kids come out of our province still able to perform at those levels but even kids like Elliot Thompson and ANthony Sears who are good CIS players didn't walk in ready. More and more CIS coaches are looking for walk in ready.
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting Updates   Tue May 15, 2012 4:35 pm

It may also be a case of ACAA teams out recruiting there CIS counterparts. There is a definate trend in the last couple years of this happening. It is an easier sell for the ACAA teams. Come play for us and you get minutes from day one,stay in you own province and play with in most cases people you are either familiar with or have already played with. CIS-come play with us and you can red shirt for one year or if you are lucky you can make the team and sit on the end of the bench. Take a look at the STU girls as an example. Last year the picked up Brittany Gillis (CIS recruit) Hilary Goodine (CIS recruit) Kelly Vass , Laura Anderson (probably the two quickest guards in NB ) and Sarah Beany . This years class they picked up Sam Wilson (UNB last year) Erin Kelly, Carrisa Mactague and Daniel Leblanc. Looks more like a team New Brunswick reuinion team !!! So is Fred Conners out recruiting Jeff Speedy ?? It atleast appears that way.
STU - National Bronze medalist. Have not lost a league game in the last two years. ACAA coach of the year. 3 first team all-stars and a rookie of the year. 100 PERCENT NEW BRUNSWICK GIRLS !!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting Updates   Wed May 16, 2012 11:36 am

Very interesting thread. To go back to the original 2 questions...no it is not a problem for NB hoops. The kids here are getting lots of opportunities with small university to play and learn. And YES others are being overlooked. First off, coaches are to blame because they do the recuiting. The problem is lack of thinking outside the box. Common thought is raw tall athlete. Well finished athletes go NCAA or whatever. So the versitile 6'5" guy gets picked up universally. But what did he do for his team? Was he the dominate leader on and off the floor? Or did he just dominate lesser players on the floor, go with the flow in school, and stay 1 step out of trouble with the admin or the law? Who actually led the team?
Maybe the raw athlete will always be raw. Pick a few smart players coaches. Let them find ways to win. Ask the question, is the current way of thinking the only way to build a TEAM
Now I'm not saying that any of the guys who have gone to CIS are not good recruits. I'm only pointing out that some more players would be able to make CIS teams and make contributions. Consistent, tough, smart role players that make good decisions. There is a place for guys that play like Derek Fisher, Darren Collison, or Steve Nash. Yes I know there is little comparison with NB high school players but that style of player is similar to what NB has available. Truthfully the CIS level game is really not out of reach in many ways. The games I have watched often have tons of turnovers, lack execution, and show a few highlight plays. I'd like to see teams who play defense for 40 minutes and see the floor.
Coaches step away from the 2 man, pick and roll game. Play 10 deep and recruit smart glue type role players to go with a smaller cross section of super athletes.
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PostSubject: FYI for Hoops fans   Wed May 30, 2012 5:02 pm

Just an FYI for basketball fans in the capital city region this weekend.

Lots a basketball activity in Fredericton this weekend with Banatm Elite Jamboree and provincial team workouts . However over at the Currie Center the NB U17 boys are hosting a small tournament. Playing in the event are NB U17 Boys , PEI U17 boys , Tommies ( made up of STU players ) and the JR All Stars made up of players from UNB , Acadia , MSVU recruits .
Schedule is as follows
Sat June 2nd - 4:00pm JR All Stars vs NBU17
- 6;00pm JR All Stars vs Tommies
- 8:00pm NB U17 vs PEI U17 boys

Sun June 3rd - 10:00am NB U17 vs Tommies
- 12 noon JR All Stars vs PEI U17
- 2:00pm Tommies vs PEI U17

Somewhere in that schedule might be some hoops worth watching for basketball fans.
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting Updates   

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Recruiting Updates
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