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 NPH BC Showcase

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PostSubject: NPH BC Showcase    Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:19 am

Day 2 Rundown of North Pole Hoops BC Showcase
Below are Tweets from throughout the day courtesy of @NPH

NPHBCShowcase has tipped off! 2015 6'5 Nicolas Trninic(Burnaby South/Drive) standing out early among the underclassmen.

Miguel Tomley(Lena Shaw/AthElite), the youngest player here (2018 5'7 PG) more than holding his own here. Confident kid.

Jadon Cohee(Walnut Grove/Drive) (Cadet National team invite) taking the floor...lookin forward to seein him in action. Him getting cut is a blessing in disguise

Luka Petkovic(Handsworth/BBC) (2013 6'2 G)nailing jumpers from deep and doing a great job of involving teammates.

Luka Zaharijevic(Kitsilano/Drive) beasting! 2013 6'7 true PF, not a player in gym that can guard him down low. Straight bully!

The combination of Jermaine Haley(Burnaby South/Drive) and Taylor Browne(Holy Cross/BBC) looking real good. Will have to split them up to match up against each other.

Jermaine Haley (2015 6'3 PG) and Taylor Browne (2015 6'2 G) showing out in game 1 for the underclassmen! U'll be hearing these names all day

Ethan Scott(St. Georges/BBC) (2016 6'2 G) really crafty getting to the bucket...has been solid in both games.

Sahil Dhamib(Tamanawis/AthElite) (2016 6'2) displaying soft shooting touch. Has hit from deep as well as mid range

Jermaine Haley back on the floor. Second time seeing him in action today. 2015 6'3 PG people..nice feel, great vision/passing

Gurpinder Kang(Thomasville Prep) (2013 6'1 G) shooting lights out, hits back-to-back 3s.

Karn Virk(Churchill/Drive) (2016 6'2 G) has been dominating in the underclassmen game

Elijah Campbell-Axson(Vancouver College/Drive) stepping it up right now dropping 6 straight points

Chase Ruttenberg(Sentinel/BBC) answers w/ 2 hand jam on the break, gliding to the basket!

Luka Zaherijevic (2013 6'7 F) is 1 of most skilled interior players in Canada right now. Not many bigs w/ patience like that

Chase Ruttenberg (2013 6'5 SG) drives past defender and finishes swiftly above the rim. 1st time watching him in action

Martin Bogajev(Burnaby South/BBC) is a sniper. (2014 6'0 G) has hit 2 straight from deep and heating up in this one

Jermaine Haley (2015 6'3 PG) goin off right now! Could b biggest long term prospect in gym. Can create for himself & others

The Jermaine Haley show, WOW! Hits defender with cross-over, the steps back and rises for the 3 ball! Had every1 in the gym amped on that 1!

We've seen enough. We just moved up 2015 Jermaine Haley to play w/ the upperclassmen.

Randy Johal(Tamanawis/AthElite) (2016 5'7 PG) doing a great job attacking and remaining agressive, keeping defense on its toes.

Luka Petkovic (2013 6'2 G) establishing himself as 1 of top guards in NPHBCShowcase has been 1 of most consistent players.

Taylor Brown (2015 6'1 PG) demonstrating great ball speed and vision. Thought he was strictly a shooter earlier in the day. I was wrong.

Jadon Cohee (2014 6'4 G) finishing final game off strong...has stringed together 7 straight.

Day 2 of NPHBCShowcase Complete, long day of hoops! Story of the day was Jermaine Hailey (2015 6'3 PG) Welcome 2 National Radar young buck!
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PostSubject: Re: NPH BC Showcase    Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:30 am

Day 3 Rundown of North Pole Hoops BC Showcase
Below are Tweets from throughout the day courtesy of @NPH

Nice match up here. ,Izaiah Ugoalah (2016 6'2 G) vs Taylor Browne (2015 6'1 PG) Browne has been extremely consistent

Game 2 tips off, Jermaine Haley (2015 6'3 PG) picks up where left off, nailing the pull up 3

Jeez. Not trying 2 hyping this kid at all,but Jermaine Haley showing something new every game. Now getting into lane hits back2back floaters

Nicolas Trininic continuing 2 impress. Not many kids entering 10th grade w/ that size & versatility. Will definitely be a prospect to track.

That Haley kid, special talent!!

Henry Liu is a bully, love his tenacity!

Miguel Tomley never backing down from the challenge. Battling for jump ball w/ Haley..a 6th grader! youngest cat in the camp.

Saje Gosal making that 11 hour drive count. Having himself a strong game thus far.

Sahil Dhami (2016 6'2 G) another consistent player throughout showcase. Showing some good footwork in addition to a nice touch around basket

Ethan Scott (2016 6'2 PG) has been on a tear. Flashy guard...will be interesting to
see how he develelops

Top Prospect Game About to go down! Underclassmen Game first, followed by Upperclassmen

Team White Roster: Taylor Browne, Ethan Scott, Izaiah Ugoalah, Nick Trnicic, Moises Blandon, Randy Sohal, Justin Rudio, Charles Yeung

Team Black: Jermaine Haley, Karn Virk, Dominic Clayton, Roshan Bhatti, Devin Johal, Sahe Gosal, Walter Yeung

Ethan Scott opens firing! Looking to make a point in this one.

Jermaine Haley vs. Ethan Scott seems to be the marquee match up! But we'll see..

25-15 Team White leads Black.

Taylor Browne nails the 3 in the corner, but answered by Jermaine Haley. 32-20 Team White leads

Taylor Browne fearless to the rim...doing a great job of drawing contact and getting to the line 36-27 White

Jermaine Haley has the answer again!! Hitting the 3!!

HALFTIME: Ethan Scott 10pts, 4rbs--Taylor Browne 13pts, 2rbs, Jermaine Hailey 11pts, 5rbs, 3ast--Nic Trnicic 3pts 3rbs

Jermaine Haley & Karn Virk carrying team black to a comeback 48-44

Ethan Scott and Taylor Browne combo answer back 54-46 White leads. 13 minutes left in the game.

67-60 Jermaine Haley hits 2 FTs to cut lead. Team White leads w/ 6mins left.

Jermaine Haley ties it up 67-67....Ethan Scott comes up big w/ another 3 to take black lead. 70-67

Tight game!! 75-69 2 mins left!!

Devin Johal BIG 3! Answered by Taylor Browne....Roshan Bhatti answers that w/ and 1 play!

Jermaine Haley!!!! Big 3...79-78!!! 17 seconds!

Ethan Scott is fouled. Splits free throws, has White up 80-78...but its black ball. 17 seconds left in game!! WOW

MVP awarded to Jermaine Haley (2015 6'3 PG) --36pts, 10rbs, 5ast, 4stl , 2 blk-- Epic game! Final Score 82-80

Senior #TopProspectGame has tipped off! Jadon Cohee and Luka Zaharijevic leading their teams early on

Joe Davis working hard on both ends of he floor! Comes up w/ a nice up and under move on the block. White leads 30-26

Chase Ruttenberg (2013 6'5 SG) swish 3-ball!

Another tight game...37-34 6 mins left in 1st half.

Team White Roster: Jadon Cohee, Joe Davis, Nick Smith, Gurpinder Kang, Luka Petkovic, Martin Bogajev, Elijah Campbell-Axson, Tristan Arthurs

Team Black Roster: Luka Zaharijevic, Chase Ruttenberg, Gabriel David (Ontario), Gurpreet Dhillon, Alex Coote, Mindy Minhas, Andrew McCaskill

Jadon Cohee showcasing great body control on the drive to the cup.

Chase Ruttenberg heaves a half court shot, nearly goes in! 61-50 Black up.

HALFTIME: Jadon Cohee- 20pts, 3rbs-- Luka Zaharijevic- 16pts, 8rbs--Luka Petkovic 14pts-- Mindy Minhas16pts, 6rbs- Chase Ruttenberg 11pts, 3rbs

Sukh Biring really showing out in the senior #TopProspectsGame He's been rock solid all weekend!

Chase Ruttenberg w/ another 3 ball...thats a waterfall

Chase Ruttenberg AGAIN...has been lights out. Luka Zaharijevic a man among boys

108-79 Black wins it in a blowout.

Luka "Bazooka" Zaharijevic takes #NPHBCShowcase #MVP --24,15, 4ast.

Jadon Cohee- 32 pts, 5rbs, 2blks-- Luka Petkovic 16pts, 4rbs-- Mindy Minhas 24pts, 14rbs, 5ast-- Chase Ruttenberg 21pts, 3rbs

BC is all love, an explosion of talent coming in the next 3 years. #NPHBCShowcase complete. Dozens more entering database, few into rankings

#NPHBCShowcase Progress, Mentality, Core Strength

It was fun to catch all the talent in 1 gym...Basketball is thriving within BC!
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PostSubject: Player Evauluations   Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:00 pm


By Tariq Sbiet @ NorthPoleHoops

RICHMOND, BC–To claim that this past weekend was an eventful experience would be an understatement.

The NPH British Columbia Showcase allowed for the opportunity to get an inside look at the provinces top talent, which certainly did not disappoint. The showcase was composed of high level talent from all over the province, with players driving as far as 11 hours and one particular player even flying in from Ontario!

After the dust cleared following two days of maximum effort, the ‘Top Prospect Game’ participants were selected from each age group, (Underclassmen & Upperclassmen). It was a coming out party for several in attendance, and in particular Luka Zaharijevic & Jermaine Haley, who took home MVP honours.

The underclassmen (2015, 2016, 2017) game featured new faces and impressive rising prospects that we are excited to track throughout their high school careers. The upperclassmen had a mixture of familiar and unknown names that Canada will be hearing more about! The NPH database is being loaded up, however the following are prospects that stood out above the rest, starting with the older group (2013, 2014).

(***NPH National Rankings will be updated with players throughout course of the week***)


Luka Zaharijevic (2013 6’8 F)(Kitsilano/Drive) – It has been an honour for NPH to witness the progress that Luka has made over the past year. He has increased mobility, slimmed down and was dominant on the interior. He still has ways to go with regards to further toning up his body, however what he displayed to us was eye popping. As it stands, we can confidently state that “Bazooka” is the most skilled post player that Canada has to offer. A soft touch, very good foot work and patience inside make him an intriguing prospect. Oh yeah…an 86% academic average will further open his recruitment! – NCAA Interest- UC-Riverside, Siena, Idaho + more

Jadon Cohee (2014 6’4 G)(Walnut Grove/Drive) – Cohee showed why he was invited to the cadet national team training camp, registering a game-high 32 points, knocking down triples and attacking the hoop. Cohee possesses great length, has grown at least two inches over the past year and could still be growing. Despite playing on a sprained ankle, it did not leave him from leaving a major imprint on the NPH BC Showcase. He must use this off season to get stronger and increase explosiveness in preparation for the next level – NCAA Interest- Utah, Washington, Portland, Santa Clara + more

Chase Ruttenberg (2013 6’5 W)(Sentinel/ BBC) – Here is a prospect we were looking forward to seeing in action prior to arrival, for the first time. Ruttenberg has ideal size and length for his position at the wing. Take into consideration his athleticism and shooting stroke and you have a player with some NCAA potential based off further development. Adding muscle to a thin frame and using his athleticism to his advantage on penetration would be areas of emphasis. He must also tighten handle in order to transition into a two-guard and be more effective on offense. We look forward to witnessing Ruttenberg’s progress and will see him once again at nationals.

Luka Petkovic (2013 6’2 G)(Handsworth/BBC) - Luka was a threat on both ends of the floor on every possession. One of the facets of his game that impressed the most was his ability to stay low to the floor while moving at a high speed. His speed and dexterity together made him very difficult to guard. He can create for both himself and teammates off his penetration game. If no one is open on the penetration, he’ll finish at the rack himself or stop and pop. A rising combo guard in the class of 2013.

Joe Davis (2014 6’5 F)(Westsyde/BBC) - Davis is a developing prospect that is physically strong and active in the paint. Once he picks up the ball he is able to draw fouls using a series of ball fakes and pump fakes. Davis has a high motor and gets the dirty work done, snatching boards and providing tough interior defense. The key in his progress will be extending his game beyond 15 feet of the basket and adding to his offensive skill set.

Mindy Minhas (2014 6’4 SF)(Churchill/Drive) - Mindy has shown progression in his game over one year and this has come from added size in height, strength, and dribbling. He is strategically working at becoming a prospect for the next level by training for his future position as a small forward, adding a 3-point shot to his arsenal.

Sukhraj Biring (2014 5’9 PG)(Tamanawis/All Ball) – Biring is a true lead guard…patient, collected and ready to pass the ball, putting teammates in scoring position. He must become more engaged defensively, increase lateral movement and athleticism to advance overall game.

Martin Bogajev (2014 5’11 G)(Bby South/BBC) - Bogajev is a long-range. Leave him open and he’ll knock it down. Although he is more comfortable playing the off guard position, he showed the ability to run the point throughout the course of the showcase, setting up teammates. As a long-term prospect, he must become a full time lead guard to increase player stock, but will always be a threat on the floor thanks to his superior shooting touch

Honourable Mentions

Gurpinder Kang (2013 6’1 G)(Thomasville Prep)
Strengths: Getting to the hoop, versatile scorer
Weaknesses: strength, athleticism

Andrew McCaskill (2013 5’10 PG)(McMath/Drive)
Strengths: positive attitude, vocal leadership, spot up shooter
Weaknesses: creating for himself, athleticism

Gabriel David (2013 6’1 G)
Strengths: Deep shooting, athleticism, vocal leadership
Weaknesses: shot selection, finding position at next level

Gurpreet Dhillon (2013 5’10 PG)(Windermere/Drive)
Strengths: on ball defence, high motor, speed
Weaknesses: perimeter shooting, breaking down defender


Jermaine Haley (2015 6’3 PG)(Bby South/Drive) – When factoring in all the information about Jermaine Haley, we have come to the conclusion that he’s got next out of BC! Haley is a 6’3 point guard, possesses a 6’8 wing span, a gorgeous shooting stroke and his father is a former NFL player. Plan and simple, he put on a show all weekend to the point where it was tough to find a weakness in his game. Of course his body isn’t physically ready for the next level, but he is a ninth grader! It still early, but Haley is looking like a high-major NCAA prospect.

Taylor Browne (2015 6’1 PG)(Holy Cross/BBC) – a lightning quick point guard that can play both perimeter positions proved to be one of the top young prospects in the gym. Browne played off the ball when partnered with Jermaine Haley (who we will get to shortly) and was able to attack at will, finishing strong at the rim. As we continued to watch, we noticed he is also able to play the lead guard position and involve teammates at a high level. NPH will see more of Browne at this years national championships in Quebec, as he will play for the U15 provincial team.

Ethan Scott (2015 6’2 PG)(St.Georges/Drive/BBC) - Scott was impressive all weekend. We learned that he has a bit of a mean streak which can work for and against him. He possesses the killer instinct that many lack, however must become a better leader, especially at the PG position. He was in a tough match up, pitted against Jermaine Haley and definitely held his own. He can pass it, shoot it and is very crafty to the hoop using the spin move effectively. He is predominantly right-handed and must balance his game by improving his left.

Nicolas Trninic (2015 6’5 F)(Bby South/Drive) - It seems like every where we go across Canada, Serbian representation is in attendance. Trninic is a very intriguing prospect in large part due to his size and versatility. He cannot be considered a guard just yet, however proved to have the ability to hit the three point shot, and even dribble from coast to coast on occasion. With this being said, much work is needed with regards to building comfort dribbling the ball. Trninic was impressive inside using his large body to back down defenders and finish with a variety of moves. His interior offense is quite advanced for a ninth grader, and is a player to keep tabs on.

Moises Blandon (2015 6’3 F)- Blandon puts on his hard hat, grabs his lunch pale and goes to work. A blue collar type with a high motor, but still saw offensively. He is a good defender, was able to consistently block /alter shots and rebound the ball on both ends. Blandon’s production was high but must really develop his skills (shooting, dribbling) in order to take his game to new heights.

Karn Virk (2016 6’2 G)(Churchill/Drive) – Virk is an exceptional ball handler who has increased his vision since first getting on the radar. A multi-dimensional guard that can hit from deep and open space for the attack. He will raise even higher in the rankings if he can add to his game defensively by becoming more fierce and playing lower to cover space.

Izaiah Ugoalah (2016 6’2 G)(Churchill/Drive)- Sometimes we forget that Ugoalah is still not even in high school yet due to his physical attributes. He is 6’2 with very good length and upside. He was able to get to any spot he wanted to on the floor however struggled to finish. As he matures, he will need to improve shot selection and let the game come to him. He has the ability to create for others, therefore must do so at a higher rate. Ugoalah’s position has not yet been established as he can end up at either perimeter position (PG or SG). He will likely grow along with his skill set and NPH will be right there to witness it.

Honourable Mentions

Roshan Bhatti (2015 6’5 SF)(Delta/Drive)
Strengths: size, mobility, penetration
Weaknesses: Dribbling, shooting, finishing at the rim

Sahil Dhami (2016 6’2 F)(Tamanawis/Athelite)
Strengths: scoring around basket
Weaknesses: athleticism, conditioning, dribbling
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PostSubject: BC NPH Showcase - June 14-16, 2013   Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:16 pm

BC NPH Showcase - June 14-16, 2013

BC NPH Showcase Top Prospects Game:


Mason Loewen (Clarmemont/2013) 13 pts
Taylor Browne (Holy Cross/2015) 13 pts
Alex Coote (West Pt. Grey/2014) 10 pts
Ethan Scott (St. Georges/2016) 10 pts
Henry Maduabueke (Holy Cross/2014) 8 pts
Karn Virk (Churchill/2016) 6 pts
Alex Jordache (Claremont/2014) 5 pts
Derek Safnuk (St. Georges/2015) 4 pts
Moises Blandon (Okanagan/2015) 2 pts
Parm Bains (Tamanawis/2014) -

Nic Trnic (Bby. South/2015) 21 pts
Izaiah Ugoalah (Churchill/2016) 12 pts
Jermaine Haley (Bby. South/2015) 12 pts
Gary Minhas (churchill/2015) 6 pts
Stanley Maduabueke (Holy Cross/2014) 4 pts
Cordell Parker (Gleneagle/2015) 3 pts
Corey Hauck (WJ Mouat/2014) 2 pts
Michael Hale (Port Moody/2014) 2 pts
Hakeen Jefferson (Claremont/2015) 2 pts
Adam Karmali (Handsworth/2014) -

My Top Performers for all three days

1st Team All-Stars
5'11 G Corey Hauck (WJ Mouat/2014)
- high energy, good with pace, nice jump shot, excellent speed
6'1 G Mason Loewen (Clarmemont/2013)
- unbelievable body-control, finds openings, distributor and finisher
6'5 G Jermaine Haley (Bby. South/2015)
- can get to the basket, wiry, long arms, finishes well
6'5 F Derek Safnuk (St. Georges/2015)
- good rebounder, shot blocker and excellent at pick and roll
6'6 F Henry Maduabueke (Holy Cross/2014)
- strong on the low post, good OR and finisher around the basket  

2nd Team All-Stars
6'2 G Taylor Browne (Holy Cross/2015)
- knock down 3 pt shooter, excellent on-ball defender
6'1 G Gary Minhas (churchill/2015)
- good all-around, off the dribble, shot and finding teammates
6'2 G Ethan Scott (St. Georges/2016)
- super aggressive to the hoop, good at getting contact
6'3 G/F Alex Coote (West Pt. Grey/2014)
- good from mid-range, with ability to find teammates off the dribble
6'5 F Nic Trnic (Bby. South/2015)
- nice shooting stroke from behind the 3

Honorable Mentions
5'10 G Adam Karmali (Handsworth/2014)
- great speed and handle, good poassing guard
6'0 G Cordell Parker (Gleneagle/2015)
- fearless attacker with either the jump shot or drive
6'3 G Izaiah Ugoalah (Churchill/2016)
- nice looking jump shot, good controlled manner on the court
6'4 Stanley Maduabueke (Holy Cross/2014)
- athletic, explosive, excellent shot shot blocker
6'7 C Bright Dodozza (Holy Cross/2014)
- good rebounder, long and can block shots, and put back OR

NPH SHOWCASE RECAP from NorthPoleHoops.com

After a full weekend of games, the NPH BC Showcase concluded with the Top Prospects Game, featuring the top 20 players in camp.
Tough decisions had to be made with respect to the final rosters, and there were some very talented players left watching from the sidelines.
Team White had gained a comfortable lead with a complete team effort in the first half. It was the best basketball played all weekend by the 2013-2015 prospects who meshed well together by swinging the ball and getting everyone involved. They went on to win 69-64 after Team Black went a run of their own in the second half that was sparked by Izaiah Ugoalah and Nicolas Trninic’s barrage of threes. Trninic hit seven from deep to put his team back in it.

In the first half Ethan Scott went on a shooting spree of his own and helped build the strong lead for Team White. He was a standout on all three days displaying maturity and overall toughness. Leadership on the floor is an area of needed improvement, he was very vocal and engaged on the sidelines but it didn’t translate onto the floor.

One of the toughest defenders in the gym, Taylor Browne guarded Team Black’s best scoring options on most possessions as he had done all weekend. Browne is a tenacious, wide-eyed go getter; there’s no drop off in his game when it comes to his effort level and productivity regardless of playing atmosphere.
We’ve now seen Browne play on the high school scene and club ball, where he’s been consistent throughout. He was a major piece to this win in the Top Prospect Game. The most improved dimension in his game is perimeter shooting and he’s developed a quicker first step. Next on the development chart for Browne is making the transition to a lead guard which will then give him the ability to play either spot.

Mason Loewen who had all eyes on him since day one, took home NPH BC Shwocase MVP for the upperclassmen. Loewen was a pleasure to watch, displaying his athleticism and finishing around the basket while absorbing contact. His above the rim play is what sets him apart from other prospects, but he’s so much more than a dunker. Loewen can create shots for himself and teammates off of penetration from the wing.
Assertiveness will be the determining factor in his journey as a combo guard. At times he is too unselfish and tries to get others involved when a better shot is available for himself. Mason has all the tools necessary to take over a game but he needs to do it on a more consistent basis; as he had done near the end of the Top Prospect Game.

Jermaine Haley is by far the most skilled prospect in the province of British Columbia and the most intriguing young guard. He stands at 6’5 with a 6’10 wingspan and doctors say that he still has 2-3 inches of growth. Asides from having elite guard skills as a 2015 prospect, what makes him tough to defend is his feel for the ball, court sense and slithery moves to the basket.
While most guards create space, Haley excels at knowing what spot he wants to get to and his body control and lengthy frame allow him to do it.
Moving forward, Haley needs to add muscle mass and build lower body strength. From a psychological standpoint he is in a very comfortable position and realizes how above the competition he is; however, to avoid a downfall he must continue to perform and train above the rest as well.

On our next visit to BC we hope to see that this year’s group have taken their conditioning to a whole new level. When compared to their Eastern counterparts, overall toughness and aggressiveness were attributes that are lacking on the west coast.
On a positive note, the fundamental skills and the potential of many of the top players is more than intriguing, and we can’t wait to monitor their progress over the next year.

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PostSubject: NPH 2016s   Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:43 pm

The 2016s, notably Kenya Gerald, Karn Virk, and Izaiah Ugoalah played great in the NPH showcase and should be included when noting all stars. Also important to spell their names right, all 3 have earned that.

Kenya Gerald has an incredibly high motor and was unmatched in consistency and aggressiveness over the course of the 3 days. He scores, rebounds, and plays solid defense. He wasn't selected to the Top Prospects game but should have been.

Karn Virk puts A LOT of time into his game and it shows. His change of speed attack moves are as good as any other player in BC and as he adds overall speed and explosiveness to his game he'll become a very dangerous scorer. This is a guy who scored 27 points against Mike Bibby's elite team in Vegas 2 years ago. The same team that's been ranked in the top 10 this year.

Izaiah Ugoalah played injured all weekend as several others did and although he lacked overall consistency at times in most games he scored, rebounded, blocked shots, and passed the ball as well as any other players(including the top prospect game which would be great to have posted online in its entirety).

Although I don't think he was there all 3 days Wesley Graham is another 2016 player who played well at the showcase and should be in discussions of great young players in BC. He shoots the ball well, can get to the basket, and has good size and potential.

All of the players in the top prospects game earned their spots but not to mention these 9th graders is a major oversight.

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PostSubject: Re: NPH BC Showcase    

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NPH BC Showcase
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