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 Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops

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Mark Scott

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PostSubject: Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops   Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:35 pm

Since there are very few interlocking games, I think it is a challenge to come up with a national high school ranking. Nonetheless, here is NPH's strong effort - it might even be right, who knows. The interesting part for those of us in BC are the implied rankings of the BC teams:

(1) Walnut Grove - 4 national ranking
(2) Kitsilano - 7
(3) WRCA - 12
(4) Mouat - 15
(5) Churchill - 17
(6) St. George's - 18
(7) Kelowna - 21

Not sure if the formatting below will carry over from the website, so here is the link: www.northpolehoops.com/2012/10/01/nph-top-25-pre-season-national-hs-team-rankings-2/

NPH Top 25 Pre-season High School Rankings

Henry Carr (ON) Dillon Brooks, Jalen Poyser, Tanveer Bhullar, Josh Bell, Brendon Chevannes, William Maylor
Eastern Commerce (ON) Justin Jackson, James Sylvester, Mohamed Camera, Tyler Stone, Tevin Bailey, Nathan Croxen
MacNab (ON) Nolan Narain, Nick Burke, Daniel Dzierzawski, Matt Trpcic, O.J Watson
Walnut Grove (BC) Jadon Cohee, Josh Mayorga, Paul Getz, Brad Hoffman
Catholic Central (ON) Mychal Mulder, Shavon Gayle, Davonte Pierce, Marcus Calloo, Michigan-Deerborne (NAIA), Malik Calloo
St Mike’s (ON) Malcolm Duvivier, Nelson Kaputo, Sage Usher, Simon Pollard-Couillard, Rayshane Case, Eashon Smith, Kayon Grant
Kitsilano (BC) Luka Zaharijevic, Jonathan Kongbo, Tom Cambell
Oakwood (ON) Brody Clarke, Calvin Epistola, Dewan Williams, Russell Baker, Khaleek Bakare-Whyte
Winston Churchill (AB) - Adonis Montfort Polomino, Emmett Cook, Scott Lamb, Dairen Valdez, Matt Guinto
Holy Trinity (ON) Trevon Mcneil, Nolan Mackenzie, Regis Ivaniukas, Nick Ernest
St Paul’s (MB) Justus Alleyn, Alec Bernier, Malik Irwin, Josh Selva, Billy Yaworsky
WRCA (BC) Vartan Tanielian, Tyus Allen, Peter Spangehl, Sak Ykema
Citadel (NS) Travis Adams, Jayden Nordin, Isaiah Thomas, Liam Mitchell
Mount Carmel (ON) Cassidy Ryan, Paul Galas, Jason Londequai, Tyrell Rogers
W.J Mouat (BC) - Tristan Etienne, Corey Hauck, Daniel Pawliak
ACMT (ON) Hamid Nessek, Jean-Victor Mukama, Levi Mukuna, Emmanuel Mukuna
Winston Churchill (BC) Mindy Minhas, Jesse Mushiana, Matt Waraich
St George (BC) Drew Urquhart, Deklan Chung, Tylon Barker, Ethan Scott, Derek Safnuk
Garden City (MB) Josh Magpantay, Tynan Reyes
Harry Ainlay (AB) Jared Shubert, Andriy Halushko, Barento Mohammed
Kelowna (BC) Buzz Truss, Darion Bunce
Bishop Mahoney (SK) Seb Turcott (6’5 F)
Dartmouth (NS) Maurice Colley, Cainyn Johnson, Tyler Shaw
St FX (AB) Joey Schwartz, Nikko Guce, Euriah Pemberton, Joey Galan
KVHS (NB) Erik Nissen
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PostSubject: NPH Top 25 National HS Rankings – New Number One + Eleven Teams Welcomed!   Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:54 am

*Updated Feb.1, 2013

Records against Canadian competition
NPH Top 25 High School Rankings – School (Previous Rank) Record

1. St Mikes (#6) 21-1
Wins - Father Henry Carr, Catholic Central
Losses - Eastern Commerce - Ontario

2. Father Henry Carr (#1) 26-1
Wins - Eastern Commerce (x3) D’Youville, Oakwood, Holy Trinity - Ontario

3. Holy Trinity (#10) 35-3
Wins - Catholic Central, D’Youville
Losses - Henry Carr, Eastern Commerce, Oakwood - Ontario

4. D’Youville (U/R) 26-3
Wins - Catholic Central
Losses - Henry Carr, Holy Trinity (twice) - Ontario

5. Yale- (U/R) 17-1
Wins - Tamanawis (x2), Kelowna
Losses - Kitsilano - British Columbia

6. Winston Churchill (#9) 16-1 – BRIT Champion
Wins - Garden City, Campbell, Oak Bay -
Losses - Bishop O’Byrne - Alberta

7. WRCA (#12) 23-3
Wins- Walnut Grove (x2), Tamanawis
Losses - Kits (x2), Tamanawis - British Columbia

8. Catholic Central (#5) 16-3
Wins - No key wins
Losses - St Mikes, Holy Trinity, D’Youville - Ontario

9. Garden City (#19) 18-2 -
Wins - St Pauls, St FX, Evan Hardy
Losses - Winston Churchill, St Paul’s - Manitoba

10. Walnut Grove (#4) 19-3 -
Wins - Kitsilano (x2)
Losses - WRCA - British Columbia

11.Cardston (U/R) 19-0
Wins - LCI, Harry Ainlay, Medicine Hat - Alberta

12.Tamanawis (U/R) – 23-4
Wins - WRCA, WJ Mouat, Holy Cross
Losses - Yale, WRCA, New Westminster - British Columbia

13.Mount Carmel (#14) 21-3
Wins - ACMT, Campion, Cardinal Newman
Losses - Henry Carr, MacNab, Martingrove - Ontario

14.St Paul’s (#11) 14-2
Wins - Garden City, KEC
Losses - Garden City, Kilodan East - Manitoba

15.Kitsilano (#7) 18-4
Wins - Yale, WRCA
Losses - Walnut Grove, Holy Cross, Winston Churchill - British Columbia

16.Auburn (U/R) 28-1
Wins - KVHS (NB), Fredericton (x2), Citadel (x2)
Losses: Citadel - Nova Scotia

17.Bishop Grandin (U/R) 13-1
Wins - St Francis Xavier
Losses - Bishop O’Byrne - Alberta

18.St Francis Xavier (#24) 17-3
Wins - Bishop O’Byrne (X2), Jasper Place
Losses - Bishop Grandin, Garden City - Alberta

19.Cardinal Newman (U/R) 27-4
Wins - ACMT x2
Losses - Mount Carmel, Mother Teresa, Holy Trinity, D’Youville - Ontario

20.Campion – (U/R) 17-9
Wins - Mother Teresa, Vaughan
Losses- Holy Trinity, MacNab (x2), Eastern, Martingrove, Mount Carmel, Cameron Heights, FHC, Mother Theresa - Ontario

21.Bishop O’Byrne (U/R) 12-4
Wins - Winston Churchill, Bishop Grandin
Losses - St Francis Xavier, Campbell, LCI - Alberta

22.Holy Cross (U/R) 21-3
Wins - Kitsilano, Burnaby South, Delta
Losses -Tamanawis, Mouat, Sardis - British Columbia

23.ACMT (#16) 24-8
Wins - Mother Teresa
Losses - St Mikes, Henry Carr, D’Youville, MacNab, Cardinal Newman (x2), Mount Carmel - Ontario

24.Citadel (#13) 21-3
Wins - Auburn
Losses - Auburn (x2), Prince Andrew - Nova Scotia

25.Campbell (U/R) 10-1 - Saskatchewan

Website Link:

NPH Top 25 Newcomers (BC) (via nortpolehoops.com)

Abbotsford’s Yale Lions are BC’s top ranked AAA team, and have suffered only one loss against Canadian competition all year – an early season defeat to Kitsilano. Led by two of the top players in their respective classes, 2013 F J.J. Pankratz and 2015 PG Jauquin Bennett-Boire, the Lions may have the best one-two punch in the province. The only argument to be made against Yale is that they have yet to prove themselves against some of the top teams in BC. However, with only one loss, and impressive victories over Kelowna and Tamanawis, the Yale Lions have earned their ranking, but head coach Al Friesen keeps them playing like a team with everything to prove.

Four words to sum up the Tamanawis Wildcats: young, talented, versatile, and inconsistent. Led by 6-6 2014 G/F Sukhjot Bains and a roster of almost entirely Grade 11’s, the Wildcats are learning to win on the fly. When the shots are falling – like in their early season win against White Rock Christian or their buzzer beating loss to Yale – they look like the best team in the province. However, in their recent double digit losses to those same two teams Tamanawis came out flat and got buried early. First year head coach Mike McKay knows his team needs to find a balance, and when they do the Tamanawis Wildcats are as difficult a matchup as there is in BC.

Surrey’s Holy Cross Crusaders may have shocked some by knocking off Kitsilano this past week, but after an 0-3 start the Crusaders have rattled off 21 straight wins and are far and away the top AA team in the province. With two players standing at 6-7, the 2014 Maduabueke brothers at 6-5, and 6-2 2015 Taylor Browne at the point, Holy Cross may have one of the biggest and most athletic teams in the province. They’ve been running over AA competition all year, and after three early losses to AAA teams, they’ve finally knocked off one of the big boys. Keep an eye on the Holy Cross Crusaders, their program is definitely on the rise.
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PostSubject: Re: Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops   Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:14 pm

Everyone drinking the Yale kool aid and I'm not sure why.
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PostSubject: Re: Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops   Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:56 pm

*Updated Jan.2, 2014


NPH Top 25 National HS Team Rankings

1. Oakwood (Toronto, ON)
2. St. Michael’s (Toronto, ON)
3. Bill Crothers (Unionville, ON)
4. Father Henry Carr (Toronto, ON)
5. D’Youville (Brampton, ON)
6. Walnut Grove (Langley, BC)
7. Vaughan (Vaughan, ON)
8. Burnaby South (Burnaby, BC)
9. Eastern Commerce (Toronto, ON)
10. ArchBishop O’Leary (Edmonton, AB)
11. Sir Winston Churchill (Vancouver, BC)
12. Auburn (Halifax, NS)
13. MacNab (Hamilton, ON)
14. Edmund Campion (Brampton, ON)
15. Garden City (Winnipeg, MB) – *Late addition, Wesmen Classic Champions*
16. Harry Ainlay (Edmonton, AB)
17. Catholic Central (Windsor, ON)
18. Father Goetz (Mississauga, ON)
19. Citadel (Halifax, NS)
20. Glen Eagle (Coquitlam, BC)
21. Cardinal Newman (Hamilton, ON)
22. Pope John Paul II (Toronto, ON)
23. Pineridge (Pickering, ON)
24. Prince Andrew (Halifax, NS)
25. Tamanawis (Surrey, BC)

Honourable Mentions

Leboldus (Regina, SK)
J.C Richardson (J.C Richardson)
KEC (Winnipeg, MB)
Herman (Windsor, ON)
Nelson (Burlington, ON)
Garden City (Winnipeg, MB)
KEC (Winnipeg, MB)
W. J Mouat (Abbotsford, BC)
Oak Park (Winnipeg, MB)
Sardis (Chilliwack)
Holy Cross (Surrey, BC)
Notre Dame (Brampton, ON)
Cathedral (Hamilton, ON)
Ross Sheppard (Edmonton, ON)
Western Canada (Calgary, AB)
Cardston (Cardston, AB)
Cameron Heights (Kitchener, ON)

Implied Rankings of BC teams (NPH Nat.Rank/Actual Province Rank)

1. Walnut Grove (#6/#1)
2. Burnaby South (#8/#5)
3. Sir Winston Churchill (#11/#3)
4. Gleneagle (#20/#2)
5. Tamanawis (#25/#4)
6. WJ Mouat (HM/#9)
7. Sardis (HM/#7)
8. Holy Cross (HM/#10)
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PostSubject: Latest (Jan 2, 2014) NPH Top 25 National High School Team Rankings   Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:23 pm


6. Walnut Grove (Langley, BC) (in BC - 1)
8. Burnaby South (Burnaby, BC) (T-10)
11. Sir Winston Churchill (Vancouver, BC) (2)
20. Gleneagle (Coquitlam, BC) (9)
25. Tamanawis (Surrey, BC) (3)

HM W.J. Mouat (Abbotsford, BC) (T-10)
HM Sardis (Chilliwack, BC) (7)
HM Holy Cross (Surrey, BC) (4)
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PostSubject: Re: Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops   Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:25 pm

*Updated from Jan.16, 2014 Ranking Update


From NPH the article regarding BC teams:

" And we’re back!

The first edition of the #NPHTop25 received extensive feedback, positive and negative reviews, along with no shortage of debate! Well, here goes 2014 edition number two, where teams across Canada trade spots and jock for position.
Gleneagle defeated Walnut Grove 83-76 at the Legal Beagle, but we’re not quite ready to hand them the higher spot, with respect to the defending provinical champs, combing the fact that Grove had their star Jadon Cohee recovering from ankle sprain, and more importantly, Gleneagle lost to Grove twice earlier in the season, to make the heads up match up 2-1 in favour of the defending champs.

That being said, Gleneagle climbs the ladder.

Henry Carr Travels out West

Perennial power Henry Carr is currently in British Columbia as this edition of the #NPHTop25 is released. This trip to compete in the Snowball Classic will provide the country with unique perspective as it will be the first time that an NPH Top 5 team from Ontario will go to battle against some of the best in BC.
Within the next couple of weeks, there will be more major tournaments to track from coast-to-coast. At this point in the season, teams have a good understanding of where their at, and where they could go.

City championships are right around the corner, provincial championships are approaching…but first there is still business to take care of, for the opportunity to reach those heights.

The formula is straight forward.

Win. "

NPH Top 25 National HS Team Rankings

1. St. Michael’s (Toronto, ON) - Winners of the St Mike’s Invitational
2. Father Henry Carr (Toronto, ON)
3. Oakwood (Toronto, ON)
4. D’Youville (Brampton, ON)
5. Walnut Grove (Langley, BC)
6. Campion (Brampton, ON)
7. Vaughan (Vaughan, ON)
8. Eastern Commerce (Toronto, ON)
9. Father Goetz (Mississauga, ON)
10. Glen Eagle (Coquitlam, BC) - Winners of the Leagle Beagle.
11. ArchBishop O’Leary (Edmonton, AB)
12. MacNab (Hamilton, ON)
13. Holy Cross (Surrey, BC)
14. Winston Churchill (Vancouver, BC)
15. Tamanawis (Surrey, BC)
16. Leboldus (Regina, SK) – Winners of the BRIT Invitational
17. Auburn (Halifax, NS)
18. Ross Sheppard (Edmonton, AB)
19. Garden City (Winnipeg, MB)
20. St Mary’s (Kitchener, ON)
21. Citadel (Halifax, NS)
22. Harry Ainlay (Edmonton, AB)
23. Pope John Paull II (Scarborough, ON)
24. Cardinal Newman (Hamilton, ON)
25. Bishop McNally (Calgary, AB)

Honourable Mentions

J.C Richardson (Ajax, ON)
Lethbridge Collegiate (Lethbridge, AB)
Thornlea (Thornhill, ON)
Cameron Heights (Kitchener, ON)
Nelson (Burlington, ON)
Sardis (Chilliwack, BC)
Notre Dame (Brampton, ON)
Cathedral (Hamilton, ON)
La Salle (Kingston, ON)
Catholic Central (Windsor, ON)

Implied Rankings of BC teams (NPH Nat.Rank/Actual Province Rank)

1. Walnut Grove (#5/#3)
2. Gleneagle (#10/#1)
3. Holy Cross (#13/5)
4. Sir Winston Churchill (#11/#4)
5. Tamanawis (#15/#2)
6. Sardis (HM/#8 )
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PostSubject: Re: Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops   Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:32 pm

*Updated from Jan.30, 2014 Ranking Update


From NPH the article regarding BC teams:

"We enter a decisive period in the high school season, as regional playoffs are right around the corner.

But first, there are major tournaments taking place across the country, that include The 43rd Silver Fox in Hamilton, Sheridan Cup in Brampton, Dairy Town Classic in New Brunswick, and looking ahead into next weekend, the Western Canada tournament takes place in Kelowna.
Henry Carr Rolls Over British Columbia Competition

From the last release of the #NPHTop25 we have received great insight on the national level, as NPH #2-ranked Henry Carr travelled to BC for the Snow Ball Classic and rolled over the competition against three top-10 British Columbia teams. That being said, Carr did not get the chance to take on any of the Top 5 calibre teams, included in the #NPHTop25.

Walnut Grove Plummet

Defending BC provincial champion Walnut Grove and former NPH Top 10 member lost two games at the Vancouver College Emerald Tournament, more than they have all season. The Gators’ success depends heavily on star guard Jadon Cohee (Seattle Commit), who hasn’t been at 100% health. Grove saw the biggest drop in the #NPHTop25..."

@NorthPoleHoops Top 25 National Rankings

1. St. Michael’s (Toronto, ON)
2. Father Henry Carr (Toronto, ON)
3. Oakwood (Toronto, ON)
4. D’Youville (Brampton, ON)
5. Father Goetz (Mississauga, ON)
6. Tamanawis (Surrey, BC)
7. Campion (Brampton, ON)
8. Vaughan (Vaughan, ON)
9. MacNab Lions (Hamilton, ON)
10. Pine Ridge (Pickering, ON)
11. Winston Churchill (Vancouver, BC)
12. Eastern Commerce (Toronto, ON)
13. Archbishop O’Leary (Edmonton, AB)
14. Notre Dame (Brampton, ON)
15. Leboldus (Regina, SK)
16. Holy Cross (Surrey, BC)
17. Citadel (Halifax, NS)
18. Ross Sheppard (Edmonton, AB)
19. Thornlea (Thornhill, ON)
20. Walnut Grove (Langley, BC)
21. St Mary’s (Kitchener, ON)
22. Garden City (Winnipeg, MB)
23. Glen Eagle (Coquitlam, BC)
24. J.C Richardson (Ajax, ON)
25. Harry Ainlay (Edmonton, AB)

Honourable Mentions

Pope John Paul II (Scarborough, ON)
Cardinal Newman (Hamilton, ON)
Ascension (Mississauga, ON)
Sardis Falcons (BC)
Kennebecasis (Fredericton, NB)
Charlotteown Rural (PEI)
Bishop McNally (Calgary, AB)
Bev Facey (Edmonton, AB)
Prince Andrew (Dartmouth, NS)
Nelson (Burlington, ON)

Implied Rankings of BC teams (NPH Nat.Rank/Actual Province Rank)

1. Tamanawis (#6/#1)
2. Sir Winston Churchill (#11/#2)
3. Holy Cross (#16/#5)
4. Walnut Grove (#20/#4)
5. Gleneagle (#23/#3)
6. Sardis (HM/#7)
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PostSubject: Re: Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops   Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:12 am

Wow Ontario is head and shoulders above the rest of Canada in highschool hoops. 9/10 from Ontario, impressive.
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PostSubject: Re: Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops   

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Canadian Top 25 Pre-Season High School Rankings - North Pole Hoops
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