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 Rogers Coverage at AUC

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PostSubject: Rogers Coverage at AUC   Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:32 pm

Once again terrible coverage of the finals by Rogers.........No interviews of the "AA" teams coaches......No interviews of winning teams Tobique Valley and Sugarloaf.....They don't even show the presentation of banner and trophy.......Why not show the kids cutting down the nets.......C'mon guys I know you can do a better job than that!!!! Do we really have to break away to a re-run of the NB pro Bass Tour between games......
Also maybe it's just me but totally biased towards Fredericton teams, they did interviews at halftime of both games with Devon Park former player, fans, teachers and mayor Woodside (parent of DP player)Rogers did not one interview with TV and Sugarloaf........If anyone at Rogers reads this please do me a favour, watch a high school tournament game on Maine public TV.......This might give you some sort of a clue how to do coverage of an important game.......

P.S. NBIAA, Next time you let Corby do play by play of a game take the marbles out of his mouth......Could'nt understand a word all game......
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Rogers Coverage at AUC
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