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 Pre-play off analysis

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PostSubject: Pre-play off analysis   Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:34 pm

With most of the teams have played important games and going to take a pause before play off, I think this is the perfect time to dissect each contenders and do a Swot exercise. Go ahead and write your assessments without any partiality. Coaches, take this post as your help and certainly trashing is not the intention here.

1 Yale : Looking good when Bennet Boirre is in control and if opponents provides him a complete vision, then game becomes easy for them. Secondly, if Pancratz is contained, they cannot win. I dont see anybody else steps up to his level. Simply put, they have only 2 scorers. In order to beat Kits, Grove and wrca, they both have to click and I dont see it happening. This is the reason I dont consider them a favorite either for FV or provincials although they are ranked number one rightnow.

2. Whiterock - Hard working team with thin bench. The beauty is the entire team is clear with the agenda and their weakness. Tyus/Vartan/Peter/Sam are so good camouflaging their weakness. They have played all tough games and now they will get lots of rest until play off. Barring any injury, I dont think any one can stop them. For those who want to beat them, have to have a couple of strong "athletic defenders" to face guard Vartan for the entire game. Although Tyus is the cog in their wheel, Vartan is their main vocal leader and if he is off, the entire team will suffer. Whereas, when Tyus is out, Vartan is more than capable of carrying the team as we had all seen recently. So far, I have not seen any team zeroed in on Vartan except Kits. Other coaches, please go and watch the tape of their game vs Kits. To simply put, you need aggressive super athletic guards to take out Vartan and Tyus and slow their motion offence. 1-3-1 or any other zone wont work against this team.

3. Grove: This team has the best talent in the province. 1 thro 5 all can score on any given day. Transition offence is their main weapon. For them to win, they have to restrict their opponents to 65 pts and below. They can not win just by outscoring. Two losses with whiterock is good enough to expose their weakness. I expected them to win the emarald after the loss in Beagle but they have not. Vartan was allowed to own grove. It is strange that they did not plan to contain him with quick defenders. Grove clearly lacking here and I still do not know whether they realize their gaping holes to address. It is disheartening to see such a strong talent laden team unable to take advantage of the whiterock's weakness. Cohee senior has to moderate his emotions. He costed 4 pts at the wrong time. If they dont have agile defenders to face guard the likes of Vartan/Bennet Boirre/Tyus/Panctratz/Justin/Sukjot they will lose for sure. To simply put, either they dont have a lock down defender like Desean or did not feel the need to shut down opposing player who is torching them.

4. Kits: It is better to have a slump rightnow than later. They will be ok once Justin comes back and all will be rejuvenated in time. They need Justin badly to run the offence. He is like Jeremy lin to them to extract the best out of Luka. Noah, Tom, cole and more importantly Jonathan all have to start playing to their potential. They had in the beginning but now right now.

5. Tammy: Growing pains and will be a dominant force next year. Enough said.

6. Terry Fox, St Georges, VC, Claremont, Sardis and Gleneagle - These teams all going to hog the limelight next season and vey very promising and prepping for the next season.

This year is the best year and no clearcut favorite. It is all going down to matchups and which coach has more surprises up in their sleeve.
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PostSubject: Re: Pre-play off analysis   Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:32 pm

Nice evaluation. Spot on with all your points and couldn't agree with you more.
The parity between the top 5 this season is fun to watch, but those top 5 teams look to be the ones to beat.
Fraser Valleys will be fun to watch, with 4 of the top 5 teams vying for those provincial spots.
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PostSubject: Hmmmmmmm   Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:15 pm

Watched Tammy get whacked by Yale..... They are a bottom top 10 at best......the valleys will be a fight as usual.... If you give 3 berths to Grove, WRCA And the Abby all stars (Yale).... That leaves 5 spots with about 12 teams in the mix..... Also... Kits ... Get over it people... Most over hyped team in years....
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PostSubject: Re: Pre-play off analysis   

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Pre-play off analysis
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