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 The best grade 9 basketball player in BC

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PostSubject: The best grade 9 basketball player in BC   Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:59 pm

I think that the best basketball player in BC right now is Izaiah Ugoalah, Parker Simson, and Cosmo Christensen.
Out of the 3 I think the most athletic is Parker, the most overall player is Izaiah, and the one with the most potential is Cosmo Christensen.

Parker Simson won 4 straight MVP in a row in the BC and goes to win Provinciall MVP
Izaiah Ugoalah unfourtantely didn't win any award at the Junior BC this year but continues to play spectuacularly and imporve constantly.
Cosmo Christensen similar like Ugoalah didn't win any awards at the grade 9 provincial but his outstanding playing style helped the Kitsilano Demons to finish second place against the strong Dr.Knox Falcons.

Who do you guys think are the top players in BC right now?
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The best grade 9 basketball player in BC
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