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 HS Transfers/Recruiting

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PostSubject: HS Transfers/Recruiting   Tue May 14, 2013 4:00 pm

There was some good discussions in the thread about AAU hoops and entitlement so I wanted to get some opinions on players transferring + the (not allowed) "recruiting" process that coaches may be taking part in.

A post from last year in the Jrs thread stated that a kid from PW (assuming Prince of Wales) would be going to Kits. Unsure if this was via recruitment or changing schools/addresses, but I'm sure we all know of players that have gone from one school to another. Not trying to start a discussion on pointing fingers but rather get an idea of what people think about this?

Currently (please correct me if I'm wrong), if you don't meet some of the BCSS eligibility requirements (i.e. your family moved into the new school's zone), you're expected to sit our regular season play. I've heard that this only applies to regular season and not exhibitions/tournaments and playoffs. Is that right?

I'm sure many players just want to be at a school that's better at basketball, but are they going around the eligibilty requirements to avoid sitting out? If so, then someone at the school has to be helping them with that.

Are coaches "actively" recruiting players? I don't remember the last time anyone was "caught" - so really are there loopholes in the system that allow this?

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HS Transfers/Recruiting
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