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 Chronic Knee Pain / Soreness ... do compression knee sleeves work ?

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PostSubject: Chronic Knee Pain / Soreness ... do compression knee sleeves work ?   Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:15 pm

Hey, long time lurker but I finally had a question for you guys.

I've been playing basketball for years now and until a couple months ago, I would experience soreness and slight pain in my knees/calves after playing basketball for an extended period of time. The pain itself is not very intense but the soreness is quite noticeable as it's occurs quite often.

I have tried wear knee braces/pads but I found them uncomfortable and bulky, not to mention they stop blood circulation if you wear them too tightly. I've been looking for alternatives and noticed a lot of athletes wear compression knee sleeves to prevent similar symptoms. I've read online that long distance runners wear compression pads because it helps them keep their muscles tight resulting in better results and less pain. I checked on craigslist and there's an ad for McDavid knee sleeves and it looks like the same compression sleeves worn by several NCAA/NBA players. Has anyone tried those sleeves out ? Do they actually work ? If someone could give me an idea that would be great before I spend $60 on the item!

Thanks in advance!
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Chronic Knee Pain / Soreness ... do compression knee sleeves work ?
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