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 EDP mandatory to try out for BNB Provincial Teams

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PostSubject: Re: EDP mandatory to try out for BNB Provincial Teams   Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:17 pm

CoachDJR I think your last post is bang on. I agree with it 100 percent.
Hawk fan no offense but " blah blah blah and chocolate bar analogies not following it.
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PostSubject: Re: EDP mandatory to try out for BNB Provincial Teams   Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:41 am

Very interesting thread with some great posts... ( though I read it three times trying to find the chocolate bara analogy and couldn't find it :-)
I think we are missing another aspect of the elitist concept in sport. The culture of youth sport has changed so much over the last few yrs. Hockey has been leading the way but other sports have followed suit . Parents put their kids into sport now with different goals . To be elite provincial team , college player...etc Most will put their kids into whatever program they feel will best help them achieve that. Whether it be EDP , their high schools "open gym" programs , skills camps offered by millrats , sweat academy.....etc . All of these groups competing ( and lets be honest here ) for the dollars these athletes and their parents are willing to pay.
They will put their kids into whichever program they feel is best for their child and which is the most affordable .
I would think that as long as lots and lots of kids are playing that will bring a better quality of cream that will rise to the top....metaphorically speaking :-)

I am wondering , is the provincial team season too long or not long enough ?
How about this type of basketball calendar

Nov to March - school season - kids play for their school ( high school , middle school and elementary school )
March to June - Club season - kids ( that want to ) play for local community club teams , mini bantam , midget...etc) longer season can allow leagues to form , kids get to play tournaments other than"provincials"
June to Aug - provincial team season- best players will be able to try out and play...those that don't make can train in summer training programs.
Sept - Oct - REST...give the kids a break , let em play soccer or just get away from it for a few weeks...

This calandar has no programs competing with other programs ( edp vs club or academy programs ) Everyone gets a piece of the $$$ pie
BNB could focus on developing coaches for these programs to ensure players are developing across NB to give provincial teams beter quality players...and college programs better quality NB recruits

Just sayin..... comments welcome :-)
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PostSubject: Re: EDP mandatory to try out for BNB Provincial Teams   Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:44 am

The idea of consecutive seasons makes senses at a high level but like most problems, when you start to peal it back there are lots of layers. In my opinion the two biggest problems preventing that model are...

  • There are a number of players who want to play on a BNB provincial team that don't get selected and they want to continue playing/developing. Club teams are the best option so they should keep going after BNB teams are selected.
  • BNB did a poll a few years ago asking coaches about age-class. The there was a 50/50 split of those polled on extending the season. BNB can't lose 50% of their age-class teams for numerous reasons...athlete participation, revenue, elite development, coach development, etc.

I think the model we have in place in NB is very close to what we need. It has it's issues but for the most part it addresses our needs from the perspective of player participation (i.e. grow the sport) and elite development. The one thing that doesn't seem to fit is midget and juvenile age class championships. They fall 4-5 weeks after the NBIAA Final 12 with March break stuck in the middle. Every suggestion I've heard probably results in less players/teams which is not the goal.

I think if we (NB basketball community) can find a solution for midget & juvenile age-class that keeps the numbers the same and address the needs of elite development we'll have a perfect model. Or maybe the two goals (participation & elite-development) are mutually exclusive and we need to completely rethink what is offered for that age group following the high school season.
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PostSubject: Re: EDP mandatory to try out for BNB Provincial Teams   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:36 pm

I like the idea of seasons. Some changes we need to make as a basketball community IMO:

- If we are going to sell LTAD to people we've got have more conversations, share/teach more people about it and then set up our athletes rules/goals and PERIODS of PLAY to match. I like the rule mods that BNB is trying at MINI and Bantam. But we also need to get coaches support and direction to make sure less trying to manipulate the rules or situation to win games is occuring. This includes reviewing what levels we offer championships in and length of season. 40 weeks divided up into two periods a year is the length for high school aged players not 9-10 year olds. We've got Bantam tournaments starting in NOV so teams are training in OCt. Then u13/u14 Easterns are not until June or July. So we've got middle school and elemntary school kids going with basketball for 9-10 monthes a year.

- We have to see a priority put on fundamental skills, footwork, and shooting. Getting layups and free throws is great but at some point we have too many players getting to a level (generally because they were role players at too young level) that realise they don't have the skill sets to be functional or fun to play anymore. Then the kids who do, often have to change or get frustrated by the holes in their game. Too often we let kids use athleticism and get away with fundamental flaws if it works. So do other provinces, heck so does the USA. The reality is though that we don't have the athletes to out athlete anyone important and be marginal basketball players. We need to be very good basketball players who can use what athleticism they have to enhance their execution of fundamental skill. This is on players, coaches, and officials to make sure the games/practices at all levels are played/called/coached in ways that enhance our kids abilities and development. Kids need places to play, have fun, grow their love of sport but that doens't mean we have to accept bad habits or poor product as we let that happen. The two are not mutually exclusive.

- Supportive links between schools and communities. School sports, club sports and PSO's cannot be mutually exclusive or competitive. We need to find a way to enhance the links between all of these. We need better access to faciliites, better support for each other and our programs, and the goal of having better athletes, citizens and programs.

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PostSubject: Re: EDP mandatory to try out for BNB Provincial Teams   

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EDP mandatory to try out for BNB Provincial Teams
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