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 Early predictions for the 2013-14 season. AAA boys and girls Varsity and JV

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PostSubject: Early predictions for the 2013-14 season. AAA boys and girls Varsity and JV   Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:50 pm

AAA Eastern Girls

1. Bernice MacNaughton
2. Riverview
3. Harrison Trimble
4. James M Hill
5. Moncton/Miramichi Valley and L'Odyssee (fight for 5th)

AAA Eastern Boys

1. Riverview
2. James M Hill
3. Bernice MacNaughton
4. Moncton high
5. Harrison Trimble

AAA Western Girls

1. Fredericton
3. Sussex
4. Woodstock
5. Leo Hayes

AAA Western Boys

1. Fredericton
2. Simmons
4. Sussex
5. Leo Hayes

JV AAA Girls - Top 5 province wide

1. Fredericton
2. Bernice MacNaughton
3. Sussex
4. Riverview
5. KVHS/Leo Hayes

JV AAA Boys - Top 5 province wide

1. Fredericton
2. Simmons
3. Riverview
5. Bernice MacNaughton

This is real early and will I will no doubt change my mind when October rolls around.

I'll give honourable mention to the Fundy and Carleton North and Rothesay JV girls squads as they should be able to play with any of the AAA JV teams if the core of their rosters doesn't move up to varsity.
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PostSubject: predictions    Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:13 pm

I don't watch some of these teams so not fair to judge them, much of the following is based on last yrs performances, who has departed and who might step up and much of that is speculation!!

Woodstock has departed AAA otherwise I would project tem near the top- should be at Harb Station in AAGirls;
KV Girls will be tough, new coach Moira Gagnon back to back (NBIAA champions at RHS) a lot of motivation coming out of Canada Games- project them at Harb St and to win it all;
Riverview Girls will be strong no word on who will coach, if that fits watch them;
Bernice Girls will be as good as their guard play;good coaching;
Leo Hayes Girls expect them to be better, Coach Paul Daley back, players and coaches worked over summer, they will surprise a lot of teams;
FHS Girls- will be a changing of the guard with Cotter and Hazlett gone new coaches in; they will have depth and size can they become a team as they did winning last 2 yrs NBIAA champs- predict a tough year may fall behind all 4 of the above;
Sussex- well coached have good young talent not much size again, will compete

Simonds- Julian Roche going to prep school will be big loss they do have others who can play at jv level will need to see them as they move up to varsity;
FHS will be very strong- will Sawyer Eddy be able to play he was missed at CGames; big, deep and skilled and well coached- should win it all, maybe undefeated in NB;
KV will have some solid players and coaching makes them ready for every game;
Leo Hayes- they will compete and will surprise some teams with their effort ;
Riverview and BMHS will compete as always.

FHS boys will return to dominate, coaching is second to none at any level;
KV boys and girls always have players who are ready to play, solid feeder system
FHS girls- depends on who is coaching they won't go 39-0;
BMHS, Riverview B/G all continue to develop strong programs
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PostSubject: Re: Early predictions for the 2013-14 season. AAA boys and girls Varsity and JV   Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:01 pm

- Troy MacKenzie will move from the Riverview Sr. boys program and take over at the helm for the Sr. girls program.

- With Woodstock girls moving to the AA ranks Leo Hayes will move to the #4 spot and Saint John high will move into the #5 spot in the AAA girls west.

- Terry Foreman will return as head coach of the Varsity Highlander girls and the team should look much like the one he took to the JV provincial finals 2 years ago. Riverview will be in the same situation with their team, so expect big games each time these two teams play.

- Off season training and conditioning will definitely benefit the Lions against their capital city rivals. Still see Fredericton as the leaders, but agree coaching will tell the tale in the west.

- James M Hill last season had a roster of 7 or 8 players with 1 out with a long term injury(ACL). Their JV team was small in size but had a couple of very strong players that will definitely move up, but will it be enough for them to contend with the rest of the conference?

- L'Odysse and Trimble both lost key seniors and will be in rebuilding mode this season. Strong coaching presence at Trimble (Doyle and Lebans) will be key in their success.

-Moncton high needs a strong guard in order to move up. They got beat around quite a bit last year. They need to get a win or two out of the gate to build some confidence.

- On the boys side, Riverview looks to get real big with a good core of veterans set to return with another talented group able to move up from their JV program.

- MacNaughton will look to fill holes left from last year, but their could be a hidden gem or two coming up from the JV program. Also a possible transfer could shake up the mix.

- With the departure of Roche at Simmons, I figure they'll drop back a space or two. Also move Leo Hayes up a notch ahead of Sussex.

- Fredericton still the favorites to win it all. Don't see them going undefeated though, expect to see a big upset or two throughout the season which willonly make them stronger in the end.

- JV program looks to be interesting in the east with Gordie Crowell and his coaching staff moving across the river from Bernice MacNaughton to take over Riverview's JV girls program. He'll have a strong group of grade 9's coming up but will also loose the core of his starters who will no doubt move to Varsity.

- Bernice MacNaughton to my knowledge still needs to find a head coach for their JV girls program. Another issue with the Highlanders is that the entire Moncton Bantam A girls team from last season are all in the BMHS school zone, a few may opt to transfer and attend Trimble, but this is a big concern for future player development within the city. There is talk of developing a tier 2 or exhibition team at MacNaughton to allow for the girls not making either JV or Varsity squads, but the issue still remains on available coaches and gym time.

- Riverview Boys JV will be the leaders in the east with a huge crew moving up from middle school. Riverview's U14 team won the Easterns earlier in the summer so any players that move to Varsity will have strong replacements to fill the voids left by player moving to varsity. Riverview's boys program, like the girls program at BMHS is also looking to create a tier 2 team for those players not playing for Varsity or JV, but the same problem exists, no available gym time or coaches... Stay tuned.

- Fredericton will continue their winning ways, but could be handed a upset like last year. KV and Simmonds will compete.
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PostSubject: Re: Early predictions for the 2013-14 season. AAA boys and girls Varsity and JV   Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:15 pm

With Troy at the helm of Riverview girls they should do fairly well, I hear fox is helping so you have 2 great coaches there.
The jv boys will probably be Fredericton and KV at the top and everybody else chasing them. The depth chart at BMHS for girls is probably going to be really deep as mentioned before. The boys over there have some kids coming up and could be decent. The one transfer I know about is young, so who knows.
The riverview senior boys should be good as I know a lot of them stayed busy all summer and the ones moving up are pretty strong. Will coach R play a zone when necessary? can not wait to see. They should be at the top of the pile in there division but eventually they have to play big bad fredi and are capable of giving them a run. The season cant get here soon enough lets go already...
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PostSubject: Re: Early predictions for the 2013-14 season. AAA boys and girls Varsity and JV   

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Early predictions for the 2013-14 season. AAA boys and girls Varsity and JV
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