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 Senior Boys 4A

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PostSubject: Re: Senior Boys 4A   Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:12 am

We will get the answers in the first week with all of the strong early season tournaments but I still say it will come down to the play of the BIGS and LCI has a small edge here. Don't forget that the best big man in Alberta is from McNally in Calgary. I have them at #1 in Calgary. I agree that BOB will be top three along with SWC who I hear is going to be much better than originally thought. HA should start off at #1 in Edmonton but I hear O Leary is every bit as good on paper. Let's play some games!
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PostSubject: Re: Senior Boys 4A   Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:52 pm

it will be cool to see when these tournaments start and how teams play each other

there are alot of teams with potential and that can be top teams - I guess it will depend on the season as it always does

my original post of
1 lci
2 cardston
3 bob
4 grandin
5 ainlay
6 stfx
7 Churchill
8 oleary
9 notre dame
10 Jp

was from ASAA website - I thougt it was preseason ranking but didnt realize it was last years rankings going into provincials

so I guess the teams on this list should make some up some of the top 10 depending on what ABALL and SLIMJIM were saying in terms of returning players, recruits, imports, how much players grew, and so on

LCI was #1 going to provincials last year and have back lots of guys
cardston was #2 - but lose ALOT of guys - but are always good even when people think they are going to be bad
OByrne was #3 - i dont know who they lost but I know for sure they lost that 6'7 guy and that guy with the knee braces who was their best player
grandin was #4 but lost every player i think except some guys that rode the pine
Ainlay was #5 and I think they have every starter back
FX was 6 but I think they lost alot of guys too
Churchill was #7 - they lost Adonis but I think every player hyped in Calgary ends up going there somehow
Oleary was #8 and they return their whole team ecept 1-2 guys
Notre Dame was #9 - they lose that High Flyer who was like 75% of their offence
JP was #10 i heard they lost alot of guy for nemerous reasons

if teams werent in top 10 - history has shown its been pretty hard to be an unranked team or non provincial team to all the sudden be an elite contender the following year

the only team I can think of that went to unknown or average to contender or power was teams like Paul Kane when players from all over went there
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PostSubject: Re: Senior Boys 4A   Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:28 pm

A few thoughts on Calgary - I agree with Aball in that McNally would be the preseason #1 out of Calgary. With Kamba and a few other returning starters and a stacked JV team that won cities from last year they will be very strong (and fun to watch). Despite the consensus in these posts, SWC will indeed miss Adonis as he made everyone else a little better but they still have some decent returnees. Ernest Manning will be in the mix this year with big Matt Ellis, a transfer guard from St. Mary's and a strong bunch of grade 11s coming up from JV. BOB should be in there as well. St. Mary's and Western may surprise. Grandin and Notre Dame I expect will struggle to stay in Div 1 in Calgary.
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PostSubject: Re: Senior Boys 4A   Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:13 am

not sure about LCI being the overall #1. They don't have a lot back as someone stated above. They have 3 players back, and two of them were impact players. They have a very strong group moving up from JV last year. Their success will depend on if that grade 11 group is able to step up and compete at the varsity level. Overwater, Westrop, and McDonald are good players but they will need the supporting cast to step up. should be a well balanced team in any case.
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PostSubject: Deep    Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:40 pm

Have to say based on what I've read of tournament play so far and this message board, that Alberta has one of the deepest 4A divisions in a long time. Seems there are a number of teams that could contend come March. O'Leary looks like a final four team for sure but after that it's going to be a street fight. Kind of makes me wonder though if zone representation is the best way to go. Not to put down the weaker zones, but does the NW, NE, or Central (and I played in the Central zone) zones deserve to have automatic representation. Seems there are a bunch of teams in the stronger zones that should be able to challenge the winners of the weaker zones to see who goes to the dance. Just my opinion, but think provincials, as much as possible, should be made up of the 16 best teams province wide. That would make things really interesting, especially in a year like this one.
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PostSubject: Re: Senior Boys 4A   

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Senior Boys 4A
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