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 NBIAA Classification

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PostSubject: NBIAA Classification   Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:08 am

The following is an e-mail that was posted on the NBIAA e-mail information service.( it is a neat thing they have in NB , where teams can post scores and coaches can be aware of happenings in basketball across NB. Similar to here but with the debate forum)

From: Jason Kelson [mailto:coachjay5@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 10:40 PM
To: Gale Jeffrey; Lori Hudson; Peter Corby
Subject: Changes need to be made in High School Sports

Changes need to be made in High School sports in New Brunswick.

The AAA - AA -A - format based on the population size needs to be changed. Teams are losing or winning by 50-70-100 points in basketball. This is not very fun for the players either winning or losing. The winning teams are not being challenged and the losing teams are being humiliated. These games are a waste of time since both teams are not becoming better because of this.

We need a format that has three levels based on their skill level. Advance - Intermediate - Novice or developing

Maybe the bottom two in the Advanced division can move down to the intermediate division the following year and the top two in the Intermediate division could move up to the advanced Division the next year. This would surly help competition levels and fun play.

I know there are arguments that teams do not want to travel that far for games but is that really a good argument when it comes to what we are all coaching for, the kids?

I have coached games where the elite teams are laughing at our players or sitting on their bench talking on their cell phone not taking the game seriously and this hurts the other team's players feelings. This is a form of bullying if you ask me and this is not supposed to be tolerated in our schools.

Teams like HVHS and Simonds 95% of the time are not going to compete with the powerhouse teams like KVHS and FHS. These teams are basketball schools who have great feeder programs. So their players have been playing together for a few years as a team and have that team chemistry. While the other schools are bringing players together who have never played before so they start out at a disadvantage that could last for a year or two.

I know the HVHS and Simonds have great feeder programs too but there is one problem with our situation, the students can pick the schools they want to go to and usually the elite athletes chose St. Macs or SJHS. These two schools get to pick students form the South End, North End, East Side, West Side and Grand Bay/Westfield. While Simonds usually only have students come from the East Side of Saint John and HVHS usually only have students come from the West side and Grand Bay/Westfield. Parents and students do not think this through when they choose the uptown schools. If their child goes to a school where the majority of students want to go then there is a smaller chance for them to be chosen for a team or an extracurricular activity. Even if they are chosen they may be limited in their role on that team where if they went to Simonds or HVHS they would have a bigger role and more playing time.

Therefore, at HVHS I found myself last year having 4 girls show up to the first tryout, then 7 to the second tryout and I then called athletes who never played basketball before to play on the team. We had 6-7 girls that never played before and we had to compete against the powerhouse basketball teams. The other alternative is to not have a program at all so we do not get destroyed every game and I do not think that is fair to the players that love the sport. I know of schools that have decided to chose this path and when they revived the program they suffered for a few years.

Before you respond to this think about how your child would feel if they were on one of these teams.


Jason Kelson
Harbour View JR Girls Basketball
Coach Jay

I would be interested to hear peoples veiws on this ? Is this a big issue in NB.
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NBIAA Classification
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