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 Basketball is funz

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PostSubject: Basketball is funz   Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:56 pm


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el tigre

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PostSubject: Re: Basketball is funz   Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:53 pm

That was a long winded waste of time for me to read.

Just an FYI on the officiating over the weekend...a former ref in southern alberta passed away recently (at a very young age) and his funeral was on Saturday. I know many of the officials attended his funeral. Between that, the Chinook girls tournament, the LCI boys and girls tournament, unfortunately they were left in a tough spot even finding carded officials for some games.
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PostSubject: Re: Basketball is funz   Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:39 pm

I was lucky enough to read the extended version before it was edited Shocked 
Some very valid points and I extend my sympathy to the referee community in Lethbridge / South area. We had a female ref in the Edmonton area pass away suddenly and unexpectedly as well this fall. As a coach - might not agree at times but refs are usually there for right reasons.

Some thoughts / responses..
Chinook is the team to beat. Period. They are big & athletic and they do have the best player in the province in Kacie Bosch. Playing a 2-3 zone and extending zone pressure with athletes who can play is a tough match for sure. That being said, I don't get the same sense of domination that Western (2 in a row - starters all played provincial teams plus Izzy u19 national team) had from a couple years ago and not nearly the same feeling of Harry Ainley with the Plouffes in their grade 12 year.
SACHS - I'm AC now with most of my time spent with GMAC. I left because I drove back to OLDS as GMAC played saturday @ 6 and Sunday @ 1pm. I made the trip to help our SACHS team, scout/recruit for GMAC some south teams (Centennial included) - plus I wanted to see Chinook play (saw 2 earlier games - CCH and Centennial). I look forward to looking at video and seeing where we can improve and provide competition for Chinook and other top teams in 4A.
Centennial is very solid - don't forget that Calgary teams are 3-4 games behind everyone else since their big pre-season tournament was cancelled and they are restricted for travel - sometimes tough to make up those games. Just an FYI.
Cardston is very scrappy and well coached - no quit. They played Chinook to 9pts in league play - impressive for sure.

Were the officials of lower quality - I'd say yes overall, but not to point of impacting the games outcome. I didn't see key players foul out or crazy physicality take place. Were calls incorrect? yes, for example I addressed the officials on foul situations when as an AC I am not allowed to do so - the young ref asked if I was HC, I said no, told him I appreciate his conversation and he said "no problem".. Was pace a factor in the games - yes, with some officials not being able to keep up with teams in transition (I know I couldn't..) All things being said, in the games that I watched I did not leave the gym saying anything about the officials - which is a good thing..

Doing the rankings this week will be difficult as I believe after Chinook there are 10-12 teams that can honestly beat the other given the right situations - this will start to include Chinook as teams start to break down their 2-3 zone and their 1-2-1-1 press OR if Kacie gets into foul trouble. Complacency on Chinook's part might also be an issue. Every team will be looking to take their best shot - will chinook be ready for that?

And yes, basketball should be fun for all participants - coaches, players, parents, officials and fans.
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PostSubject: Re: Basketball is funz   

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Basketball is funz
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