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 Can Teams Practice This Week?

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Bev Sinclair

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PostSubject: Can Teams Practice This Week?   Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:02 am

Assuming most schools are starting exams this week, are NBIAA teams allowed to practice? BevS
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PostSubject: Re: Can Teams Practice This Week?   Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:45 am

As far as I know it depends on local policy and the diligence that the school then chooses to enforce.

Local schools here fall into all sorts of ranges:

- No changes to regular practice schedule.

- Cannot have formal practice/ mandate players attend practice during exam week. But may have open gyms or optional practices.

- Open gyms only and only for players with no remaining exams.

- No formal practices during exam week. No travel on the week/weekend before exams.

- Gym closed during exam week.

In terms of our school:
- We cannot travel the weekend prior to exams (or after if exams get storm delayed).
- Cannot have practice or require players to attend team events.
- Gym can be opened after school hours for open gym, but priority goes to our middle school teams/ and community teams for court time this week as high school is not supposed to be using it.Players cannot be penalized or pressured for not attending.
- Middle school practices/games can go on as normal as they have no exams.
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PostSubject: Re: Can Teams Practice This Week?   Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:24 pm

See I struggle with these policies. Heaven forbid a teenager learn some time management skills ! That being said I do know exam week moves around a lot and they only inform students the week before so I can see why a student must be sequestered for this time. More over if you can find one student that gets up in the morning starts studying ( no texting , no Facebook ,no twitter, no TV ) studies until lunch has a quick break to eat studies till supper has another quick break to eat and go back to the books till bed then please miss practice and stay home. We should also ignore all of the data that shows increased retention and learning rates in students who participate in physical activity. Yet another blanket policy put in place without any real thought behind it.
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PostSubject: Re: Can Teams Practice This Week?   

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Can Teams Practice This Week?
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