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 New Season Formats?

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PostSubject: New Season Formats?   Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:43 pm

Hello basketball fans, players and coaches please consider this! In an effort to eliminate tanking while also avoiding long distances covered by teams while traveling for away games. Please read with an open mind! What if the NBIAA considered creating smaller conferences and combining A, AA, AAA. The season would be set up as such:

-18-22 conference games for each team. Each conference has anywhere from 10-12 teams it it (in some cases maybe less, depending on registration for the season). This ensures that kids on weaker teams still have a chance to play a good amount of games in a season where some coaches now may try to schedule less games if their team is weaker. These games would be played from December to January
-13-17 exhibition games. Teams can schedule these games against any team they feel they want to play. This number includes the guaranteed minimum amount of games at tournaments and this part of the season allows all of us on hooplife to give our two cents worth about what teams are going to do what.
-The top 5-6 teams (or top half) in each conference would make up a conference tournament to be hosted by the top team in the conference.These playoff would commence in February and be called February Frenzie. IF YOU LOSE YOU ARE OUT. No tanking. No trying to lose on purpose. The top team from each conference makes it to the the Final 8 at Harbour Station.
-Teams are ranked in the playoffs by point spread against opponents. 1 plays 8, 2 playes 7,ect
-Play a single elimination tournament until we have a winner.


Capital City Conference: Cambridge Narrows, FHS, LHHS,Oromucto , Central NB, Blackville, Carrfour , Dalhousie, Stanley, North and South Esk, Minto, ESA
Potato Valley Conference: Woodstock, Carleton North, Hartland, Canturbury, Nackawic, Southern Victoria, Devon Park
Hub City Conference: Moncton High School, Bernice McNaughton, Moncton Christian, Harrison Trimble, L'Oddesy, EMG, Riverview, Caladonia, Tantramar,
Lakes Conference : Harvey, McAdam, Sir James Duhn, St Stephen, Samuel de Champlain, Campobello, Grand Manan...
Port City South Conference : RNS, RHS, Harbour View, KVHS, Saint John High, Simonds High School, St Malachy's, Hampton High.
Big South Conference: Sussex, Bonar Law, JMA, Petitcodiac, Sussex Christian....
Appalachian North Conference: PTA, John Caldwell, Bathurst...
*Eighth Conference*: Cant even get this far yet!
*Exhibition Conference: All teams in this conference play for conference championship and nothing else to avoid a team such as FHS loading there best players on this team to sweep the conference and finish first.
Ect, Ect, ect

Conferences are more based on location now. My guess at the set up is not even close to how it would go as I'm sure I have many teams in the wrong spot. Yes I realize it is location based now, however in this system we dont see teams like Devon Park playing a team in Grand Falls. You can clearly see I'm following an NCAA style conference set up.

I realize there are many flaws! This system would take years to develop and perfect in our province but you get my idea. It would be fun, exciting and most importantly based more so on winning then strategy. I'm not saying any teams in particular tanked this year but this eliminates the debate all together! Anybody else care to weigh in on this or have any ideas of their own? lol! 
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PostSubject: Re: New Season Formats?   Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:26 am

Stupidest idea I have ever heard.
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PostSubject: Re: New Season Formats?   Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:13 pm

It's an easy fix, eliminate regionals and just have top four from NorthEast and top 4 from Southwest play Provincials. No seeding or regional tournaments so no option to tank. NE used to do it this way a few years ago while SW still played the seeding tournament.
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PostSubject: Re: New Season Formats?   Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:19 pm

Good idea in concept. I posted something similiar in another forum with conferences based on ranking rather than geography. No disresprect to the single A programs....but there is a long, long way between a strong single A team and a strong AAA team. I have a unique perspective on this since I have watched one of my kids play in both single A and AAA.

I talked to a coach about her daughter (she was a provincial team player) who had played on a team that played A one year and AA the next year. She said it was far more physically demanding since ever game you played against a greater number of better athletes.

That being said, there are many mid and strong teams in single A that can play with the weaker AAA teams and this should be encouraged on conferences based on ranks. In addition the JV programs should be thrown into the mix. There are a couple JV programs in the province that could play competitive tier 1 games and probably win tier 2 regular season crowns.

This allows teams to play a regular season schedule that includes lots of close exciting games. No one wins when there is a 50 point blow out.

When you get to the playoffs, you fall back to your traditional A,AA,AAA playoff formats. This allows a strong AA program like Woodstock to play against strong AAA teams in regular season, but still make a run for a provincial championship against schools their own size.

Most teams accomplish this today with their exhibition schedule, but get forced into playing mismatch games because of conference. For instance , in AAA Southern girls this year, you had KV and Sussex on a whole different playing field. Them playing St. Macs, Simonds and Harbourview did nothing for either team.
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PostSubject: Re: New Season Formats?   Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:35 pm

This is a good concept one of the biggest hurdles would be Reffing. You go to an A game and the whistle never stops blowing the least little bit of contact and tweet. They need to find a way to ref even across all 3 tiers. And it has to be more like AAA if the powers that be ever want any of the bnb teams to do anything. Maybe simply interlocking southwest and north east like some do now. Who knows but one thing is for sure some of these conferences are a joke. Teams finishing undefeated in one conference and no games within 30.
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PostSubject: Re: New Season Formats?   Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:13 pm

Problem with any new season format is that the decision makers are principals and superintendents who's priorities tend to be (in no particular order):
1) Format that is easy to manage and oversee with little involvement.
2) Reducing travel.
3) Having a regulation or policy in place.

The priorities of coaches and fans tend to be (in no particular order):
1) Winning/Competing
2) Their schools and programs.
3) Betterment of the sport.

You can see that these are not always mutually exclusive but you an see where they come into conflict.

I think if you want to look at new formats you have to address key areas:
1) Is JV serving the purpose we intended or is their a better way for the majority of schools to keep more athletes involved and develop players?

2) Are you willing to determine a singular priority in determining leagues instead of trying to balance competitive issues, school size, proximity, number of schools, having the same leagues in each sport, etc. ? Can you get one determining factor to drive decision making and move forward with that common vision in mind?

3) Are you willing to let go of traditional formats? ie. Leagues where people play home in home and maybe league play is done with a split schedule or at neutral site jamborees. Are you willing to allow playoffs to be elimination but involve more teams OR can you move past old rivalries into competitive areas for everyone.

If you want a new format that is easy to implement i think you need to go one of two ways:

1 - Your focus is keeping play regional and aren't worried about competitive regular season schedules but just tiering teams for playoffs.

You create a number of regional POds where everyone plays everyone. These games determine your ranking or seeding in your region. Everyone then gets divided up into a tier or level for the playoffs based on your results regionally.

2 - Your focus is on similar competitive levels and leagues, but aren't as concerned with travel.

You create 4 divisions. Start with school size if you like. You then play interlocked SW/ NE schedules. Top 4 make playoffs to advance. At the end of the season you advance or relegate. Top 2 teams in the league move up, bottom 2 move down. Eventually with a few blips you will get 4 tiers where year and year out the majority of the teams in the league are where they should be competitively at least in that particular sport.
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PostSubject: Re: New Season Formats?   

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New Season Formats?
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