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 NBers looking for new basketball shoes

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PostSubject: NBers looking for new basketball shoes   Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:22 pm

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to start a thread on a great new service that many of us New Brunswickers that play basketball would love. We all know how hard it is to get a good pair of basketball shoes from anywhere in NB to Halifax and some athletic stores have closed down in the past few years. I can't get shoes anywhere except online. One problem I found online is that no Canadian companies sell basketball shoes, you have to buy them from U.S. companies and that makes us pay duty and brokerage fees.

The solution!

Go to www.kinek.com/johnsons and find a place in Calais that you can ship your basketball shoes to. You drive down to Calais and pick them up which is way cheaper than paying the large brokerage fees and international shipping fees.

There's this site called eastbay.com that alot of the time will ship their basketball shoes for free within the US. Depending on where you live in NB Calais is most likely convenient for only some but this service can save alot of New Brunswickers some money and enable us to get good quality basketball shoes for our kids.

Oh ya almost forgot, with the Kinek service you also get notified by text message and email soon as your package gets to the location. Only costs $3-5 when you pick up the pair of shoes.

Just thought I'd drop some knowledge!
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NBers looking for new basketball shoes
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