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 Nbiaa basketball championship

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PostSubject: Nbiaa basketball championship   Wed May 14, 2014 12:42 pm

Wondering what you thought about the comments in today's Telegraph journal. Some questions it raised for me include
Are attendance numbers at Harbour Station comparable to Aitken centre years? is it so well done that no else need apply, remembering Moncton hoping to build new facility, Currie Center state of art and will always be full house. What is Nbiaa current position, we know from the interview what it used to be! Recognize the tremendous work that Fredericton and Saint John areas have done to make this a success, would it be possible to actually rotate it thru these 2 cities and Moncton say every 3 years, building on and sharing lessons learned, it would never get stale, others would attend and volunteers and corporate sponsors would not burn out. Just asking.
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Nbiaa basketball championship
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