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 NorthPoleHoops Showcase - Jr Players

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Coach Yash

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PostSubject: NorthPoleHoops Showcase - Jr Players   Mon May 26, 2014 1:37 pm

I will be assisting NorthPoleHoops with their invite list for the NPH Showcase that's scheduled to happen in the fall.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to solicit input from the community as I know there are people on here that have seen the talent from across the province.

Looking for the top 25-30 players per age group and this thread is only for players graduating in 2017 and 2018. The lists below are not in any particular order and are based off players I've seen & comments in various threads on HoopLife.

Grade 9 (2017)
Jaden Dewar, St. George's
Jordan Gladstone, Dover Bay
Sam Bailey, Vancouver College
Niko Gabrillo, Vancouver College
Jason Tantengco, Killarney
Kenan Krupic, Killarney
Pierce Strutt, Kitsilano
Luka Lizdek, Kitsilano
Marcus Browne, Holy Cross
Cameron Morris, St. Thomas More
Austin Sommers, Lambrick Park
Calvin Sommers, Lambrick Park
Jaden Touchie, Oak Bay
Filip Sokic, Kitsilano
Fardaws Aimaq, Steveston-London
Adrian Bacic, St. George's
Jake Cowley, Delta
Jas Singh, Delta
Ty Rowell, MEI
Kiante Knight, Killarney
Michael Chany, Notre Dame
Yoel Teclehaimanot, King George

Grade 8 (2018)
James Woods, Walnut Grove
Miguel Tomley, Tamanawis
Vince Sunga, Burnaby South
Noah Nickell, MEI

I haven't seen a lot of grade 8s play so these are the only names that I know.

If you would like to add a name to the list, please include the player's secondary school, current or most recent club and any notable achievements (Provincial All-Star, MVP, etc).

Hopefully we can use this opportunity to increase the exposure of BC's talent.
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PostSubject: Okanagan Talent   Mon May 26, 2014 3:42 pm

Gr. 9 (2017)

Grant Sheppard (KSS)-Jr Heat
Owen Keyes (KSS)-Jr Heat-Provincial all-star
Nathan Humes (Mt Bourcherie)-Jr Heat
Mitch Glutek (Mt Boucherie)-Jr Heat
Mason Bourcier (KSS)-Jr Heat. Provincail all-star

Gr 8 (2018)

Matt Williamson  (KSS)-Jr Heat
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PostSubject: Re: NorthPoleHoops Showcase - Jr Players   Mon May 26, 2014 7:07 pm

Here is a list of some more players not already posted on this thread, *() indicates achievements in the 2013-2014 high school season.

Grade 9 (2017)
Jon Mikhlin, Richmond High (Prov. 3rd Team All-Star)
Rajan Atker, Tamanawis (Prov. 1st Team All-Star)
Kyle Uppal, Tamanawis ((Prov. 1st Team All-Star)
Roopkamal Viria, Tamanawis (FV All-Star)
Jonas Serrano, Terry Fox (FV MVP)
Anthony Gavrilovits, Terry Fox (FV All-Star)
Jeremi Kankolongo, Terry Fox (Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Nathan Bromige, Lord Byng (Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Declan Herbertson, Lord Byng ((Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Will Fuller, Sentinel (Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Anthony Cave, Brockelhurst (Prov. 3rd Team All-Star)
Jovanic Castillo, Van College (Prov. 3rd Team All-Star)
Norman Manaesa, New West (Prov. 3rd Team All-Star)
Connor Sinclair, Semiahmoo (FV All-Star)
Josh Dhillon, Rick Hansen (FV All-Star)
Kanon Hadzovic, WJ Mouat (FV All-Star)

Grade 8 (2018)
Bradley Braich, WA Fraser (FV MVP) (Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Brett Bass, WA Fraser (FV All-Star)
Ben Grant, Handsworth (Prov. 1st Team All-Star)
Stanley Choo, Handsworth (Prov. 3rd Team All-Star)
Vincente Balitan, Burnaby South (Prov. 1st Team All-Star)
Noah Pastrana, Burnaby South (Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Alex Wallace, Argyle (Prov. 1st Team All-Star)
Devin O'hea, Argyle (Prov. 1st Team All-Star)
Dannan Sturn, Walnut Grove (Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Luke Adams, Walnut Grove (FV All-Star)
Sam Sirlin, St. Georges (Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Vlad Malhailla, Semiahmoo (Prov. 2nd Team All-Star)
Spencer Ledoux, Westsyde (Prov. 3rd Team All-Star)
Yannick Douget, Kitsilano (Prov. 3rd Team All-Star)
Cole McAvoy, Semiahmoo (Prov. 3rd Team All-Star)
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Coach Yash

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PostSubject: Re: NorthPoleHoops Showcase - Jr Players   Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:46 am

I received confirmation today that the NPH Showcase will not be taking place until next spring/summer. Thanks to everyone that provided their input, hopefully we can get some more exposure next year.
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PostSubject: Re: NorthPoleHoops Showcase - Jr Players   

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NorthPoleHoops Showcase - Jr Players
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