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 St. Pat's Senior Boys Basketball Tournament

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PostSubject: St. Pat's Senior Boys Basketball Tournament   Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:02 am


St. Pat's
St. Matthew

Louis Riel
Gisele Lalonde

St. Paul's
Mother Teresa

Ottawa Islamic School

Pool Play
St. Patrick 54 over Immaculata 43
SP: Alston Harris 18pts
IM: Trevor Ndopu 12pts
St. Patrick 71 over St. Matthew 61
SP: R. Kabuya 18pts
SM: S. Ashetei 22pts
Immaculata 61 over St. Matthew 56
IM: Alex Avin 23pts
SM: S.Ashifei 29 pts

Louis Riel 56 over Gisele Lalonde 37
LR: Boris Dorval 9pts
GL: Zachary Batal 8 pts
Louis Riel 62 over Hillcrest 48
Gisele Lalonde 56 over Hillcrest 51
GL: Kensley 24pts
HI: J. Seide 20pts

St. Paul 60 over Lisgar 47
STP: Emmanuel N. 19pts
Mother Teresa 49 over Lisgar 41
MT: H. Sekhon 12pts
LI: Marcus 10pts
St. Paul 48 over Mother Teresa 40
STP: #32 14pts
MT: H. Sekhon 10pts

LDHS 81 over Woodroffe 61
59 over Ottawa Islamic School 53
WO: #13 16pts
OIS: Obaida Isaac 14pts
LDHS 70 over Ottawa Islamic School 52
LD: J. Westcarth 26pts
OIS: Omar Aden 23pts

Friendly Games
St. Matthew 81 over Hillcrest 44
SM: J.MacGrath 18pts
HI:A. Yusuf 14pts
Ottawa Islamic School 50 over Lisgar 49
OIS: Omar Aden 20pts
LI: Steven 18pts

St. Patrick 97 over Gisele Lalonde 34
SP:Elijah Davidson 16pts
GL: Kensley 12pts
Immaculata 53 over Louis Riel 47
IM:Alex Avin 27pts
LR: Kaleem Sarazin 13pts  
LDHS 67 over Mother Teresa 61
LD: J. Westcarth 28pts
MT: H. Sekhon 34pts
Woodroffe 54 over St. Paul 52
WO: #13 20pts
STP: Emmanuel N 17pts

Championship Saturday at St. Patrick's
10:00am - Woodroffe 73 vs LDHS 64
WO: Joseph 21pts
LD: S. Westcarth 19pts
11:30am - St. Patrick 71 vs Immaculata 55
SP:Lock Lam 21pts
IM: Alix Avin 23pts

1:00pm Junior Exhibition St. Patrick 77 vs Lisgar 35

Bronze Medal game
2:30pm - LDHS 66 vs Immaculata 62
LD: J. Westcarth 25pts
IM: Devin Miron 17pts

Gold/Silver Medal game
4:00pm - Woodroffe 58 vs St. Patrick 67
SP: Lock Lam 18pts
WO: Joseph 13pts

Tournament MVP: Lock Lam
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St. Pat's Senior Boys Basketball Tournament
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