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 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10

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PostSubject: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:17 pm

Time to start thinking about the upcoming season's top 10 teams. Here are my EARLY forecast picks.....


Looking to break into the top 10 in no real order -- LHHS, SVHS, CNHS, JMH, RHS(Rothesay) -- WILDCARD --> HTHS
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PostSubject: Re: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:04 pm

OK I claim to be the only legitimate source of rankings since I was the only one to pick KV last year in the pre-season polls!!

Rivhoops, you need to stick to the Northeast!! Fundy and Harbourview were both decimated with the loss of large key senior contributors and we shall speak of them no more after this post!!! There are a couple wild cards in the mix but here is the revised top 10 with a proper view from the Southwest.

1. KVHS - Retains the number one spot. Key scorers returning and the grapevine is telling me the point guard is healing up from shoulder surgery. KV were also JV champions last year so lots to reload with. Great coach that develops players.

2. FHS "Lions" -- The scuttlebutt is their is mass exodus from LHHS over to the southside in the world of girls basketball. So the combined Fredericton team along with Mr. Kelly's ability to squeeze every ounce of effort out of his troops has my pick for getting to Harbour Station again.They may start slow as they gel, but they will be near the top by playoff time.

3. SUSSEX - This season is the last hurrah and title shot for this talented group of girls. My advice to everyone playing them is send one to offensive rebound and contain their fast break.

4. Riverview - Always find a way to make it to the last four standing in the province in the last few years. Look for them to do it again.

5. BERNICE MacNaughton - Not sure if their is any inside game left with this group of girls. If their shots aren't dropping, it could be a drop down the rankings.

6. Woodstock - Keep reloading!! Strong middle school team feeding in. Solid coaching.

7. Saint John High - Will have 4 girls with provincial team experience in the fold this year. Very little depth after that .

8. MIRAMICHI VALLEY - No size and thus will continue to have issues with consistent scoring like they did last year.

OK now it gets tough!!!

9. LHHS -- It sounds like key players are hopping the river. But just in case they stem the bleeding I will slot them in 9th.

10. CNHS - Two strong guards in the back court will anchor the team.

I would also like to point out that last year I picked HVHS as my sleeper team and they delivered for me.

This years surprise team award goes to : St Malachys High!! I do not know what direction they are going to take with JV girls playing varsity , but if they put their best players on Varsity, you are actually going to need to pay attention to a St. Macs game if it is on your schedule.

There has been a big gap between the best A team and the top 10 the last few years. I believe the young talented team from John Caldwell will narrow that gap this year and may be in consideration for the honorable mention position this year.

Rothesay and St. Stephen will be ahead of Fundy in the Southwest.

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PostSubject: Re: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:10 am

2016-17 NB Girls Ball Rankings:

1.  KV - gets the nod as returning champs.  Finished last season strong at Sectionals with a dogfight vs McNaughton, then beat Sussex in their own gym... coasted at Harbour Station to the title.  Good coaching, talented returnees, will be tricky selecting this team as plenty of kids from last year’s undefeated JV team could potentially play.  Lots of size, good guard play.  Leadership might be shaky as the three graduating seniors seemed to be the glue that held this team together last year and delivered down the stretch, but every year someone steps up.

2. Sussex - last season #1 all year...until it counted…then lost in their own gym at Sectionals.  Talented, athletic group of individuals with a lot of depth, plenty of experience and will be very senior heavy this year.  This team loves to run and is very hard to stop in the open floor.  Currently the AAA Women’s Bridesmaids reaching Sectional Final twice and Provincial Final once over the last 3 yrs.  Will likely play with a chip on their shoulder because of this and knowing this could be the last dance for a while.  Will duke it out with KV for #1 in the South.

3. Riverview - Last year RHS was smacked at Sectionals in their own gym by FHS and now have a new coaching staff, but the core of this squad is made up of resilient seniors who are used to adversity and have played together since the Mini days.  Many players on court this summer with BNB or a local Club team.  Big question is how do these girls react to the change at the top, and how deep is the bench?  Starting 5 will be solid, but 6-12 are a bit of a question mark right now.  Talent is there on paper... enough to claim #1 in the NE

4. FHS - I’m sure there’s lots of eye rolling at FHS being ranked fourth after reaching the Provincial Finals, but in my humble opinion, they have lost the most of any squad this season.  If memory serves me correctly, 3 if not 4 of the starters are gone including the NB player of the year…and lots of leadership gone with them.  Coach Daley always finds a way to compete and with the youth coming up, they will be strong again soon, but probably not this year.  I have heard the same rumours that SXSW has heard, that there are a couple of key players for LHHS that will be suiting up in the Black and Yellow.  Helps FHS, will hollow out LHHS unfortunately.  Should make for a couple of good grudge matches this year.  Prediction:  1st in the W

5. McNaughton - Lots of restructuring for the Highlanders this year...Big loss is in the coaching dept…as both HC and AC are hanging it up after a great 5 or so yrs at or near the top.  New coach will be taking over, fresh from coaching the NB U17 Girls at Nationals, so the faithful should breathe a sigh of relief that there is solid coaching in place.  McNaughton is significantly smaller this year than they have been in the past, but have good guard play.  Depth is a concern.  Help is on the way in the form of younger players, but not for another year or so.  Prediction:  2nd in the NE

6. SJHS - Everybody’s favourite roller coaster ride in the South….the Lady Hounds. In league play they beat KV and almost beat Sussex, yet lose to Harbourview….????  Have a very good 1-2 punch at point guard/post positions, and some key role players, but not enough to consistently get it done from night to night.  If the coach can get everyone swimming in the right direction, they will coast to 3rd in the south, and at least knock on the door of KV and Sussex.

7. Miramichi - Very good backcourt -  solid point guard and deep threat shooting guard.  Swarming defence, like to create a lot of chaos and turn you over.  Small lineup,  and if a team can get it over half and into their set, the chaos is manageable.  Depth will be an issue. 3rd in the NE.

8. Woodstock - defending Provincial Champs at the AA level. Great feeder system in a small community, kids get the benefit of playing together from a young age and bond together well.  Retooling again for another provincial title run, good continuity of coaching, and the competition won’t be as fierce this year (Fundy was their only clear threat last year but has been hit hard by the losses of their seniors).

The crystal ball gets very cloudy at this point, 9 onwards is anybody’s guess……

Fundy - decimated by losses, the Lady Mariners will be in rebuilding mode this year.  There’s light at the end of the tunnel with another possible prodigy in the post for Coach Daye.

LHHS - Graduated a very high number of seniors, (8 if I remember correctly) and rumour has it that two of their remaining best players are heading across the St. John River to join archrival FHS.  There has been a coaching change as well.

MHS - Nobody knows if they are planning to field a JV team or a Varsity team this year, but the former Riverview coach is at the wheel.  There are some great young players coming up from the minors (Lewisville area) but the program is a couple of years from competing seriously.

HTHS - don’t know if they are having a program this winter or not, can someone shed some light on this?

SHS - Compete hard every year but it’s tough looking up at KV, Sussex and St John annually.

OHS - see above, but looking up at FHS.

St Macs - Solid in the post and sounds like help is on the way from the JV program and club teams in the area.  A year or two will make a difference.  Should sneak by SHS for 4th in the south

HVHS - Big senior losses last year, not sure what the state of affairs is for the Vikettes.

I’m not well versed in AA and A ball in the province so can’t really comment on the majority of those teams.

An interesting wrench in the gears is going to be the new JV rule that allows Grade 11 players to play JV instead of Varsity….not sure what this is going to do…if varsity coaches keep Gr 12 players to give them a place to play instead of cutting them, it could dilute the varsity teams.  On the other hand this will make the JV teams stronger if Grade 11 kids are kept in the fold.  Will be some tough decisions made during tryouts!

Best of luck to everybody this winter, is shaping up to be a great season!
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PostSubject: Re: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:51 am

From what I have heard out the rumor mill, is the LHHS transfers have been denied
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PostSubject: Re: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:11 pm

Leo Hayes is only allowed 6 transfers a season and the varsity boys team used them all......lol
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PostSubject: Re: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:12 pm

HUSKIES4 wrote:
Leo Hayes is only allowed 6 transfers a season and the varsity boys team used them all......lol

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PostSubject: Re: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:20 pm

I will take a crack at this:

1) FHS - This is a little different pick than most but my thoughts are as follows. Overachieved with basically a JV team supported by a handful of upperclassmen in varsity, now a year older a year stronger and majority getting solid coaching not only at home but on provincial teams. Obviously some of this is based on the influx of top players from LHHS if the best kids from LHHS are now Kats they are not only deeper but bigger and stronger than most AAA opponents. They beat everyone along the way last year until they ran into a red hot KV team who basically played only 8 kids (2 of them played less than double digits) and had their 3 key seniors on the floor basically the entire way who aren't there this year.

2) KV - For the same reasons as everyone else thy are clearly one of the top 2 teams in the province. They've got length and talent to burn. Questions re: leadership and how younger talent steps up to varsity or more significant role on varsity. Solid coaching and a strong minor program, as much fire power if not more than everyone else in the province.

3) Sussex - Talented group gets 1 more kick at the can. Consistency and performing in big moments get one more chance to be answered by the core of this group. Still need to prove the ability to win grind em out games and have an answer for length that is not generating turnovers. Have speed and skill and should be hungry, maybe not being the expected favorites works for them and lets them just go out and play.

4) Riverview - Questions re: coaching changes and how kids respond aside. Once again they've got the majority of their kids playing and playing somewhere in the off season. Talented starting group with the ability to score in spurts. Needs to prove they will consistently have an answer for the top 3 teams, but right in the mix.

5) BMHS - A period of change. Change of coaches, change of style of play potentially and a changing over of the leadership and make up of the core of the team. Ahletes will be able to compete physically, guard play should be able to handle pressure and coachign will have a plan. If they can all get on the same page dangerous team by Feb.

6) SJHS - This is about depth and consistency. They have a starting 5 who are skilled, athletic and a couple of kids with skills and athleticism to do things a lot of other girls can't. Should be a strong rebounding team and if they can play fast and aggressive should be fine. Need to prove they have shot makers or can at least find ways to score 5 on 5 or when teams zone up and grind the game on them. Not as deep as hounds teams the last couple of years need to find a balance between volume of possessions and quality possessions at both ends.

7) WHS - Only girls team out of the top 4 who basically gets everyone playing all summer and building to compete for each other and win. Good coaching and basically as good a home court advantage as you get in NB thanks to their crowd, culture and fan base. They lose a lot out of the last few classes of seniors but every year seem to reload. Always deeper in size and athleticism than other AA teams, will be hard pressed vs AAA teams this year. PUtting them ahead of MVHS because if they can handle the pressure in the full court have the make up of a team that MVHS struggles with in the quarter court.

Cool MVHS - Fast, scrappy, play hard and hard to play against at both ends. One of the best CIS prospects in the province in a year with 5+ potential CIS players province wide. Still need to find answers beyond hard work in the quarter court and protecting the rim/paint. Last go round for a core group as well. Will play desperate all year.

As others have stated after this things get murky but lets try these on for size

9) CNHS - depth will be an issue but led by a back court pairing of provincial team guards they could be tough. Always play hard. Being the west gives the advantage of playing top A, AA and AAA compeition as a group and through their feeder systems.

10) LHHS - I'm not really happy about this pick as their are t0o many unknowns. If they are in the mix its because a new coach is able to maximize the talent remaining or because the exodus is not as bad as first thought which would invalidate an earlier pick. Too many unknowns at this point, but 5-6 games a year against FHS has to make you better right?

On the outside looking in:

A - GM and JCS are both tough squads that bring everyone back. Could both be competitive with most AA teams this year.

AA - Who is who this year in AA needs to shake out. CNHS isn't miles ahead of everyone else but JMH, SSHS, TRHS and SVHS bring back all or most of their lineups and could take a major leap forward. Fundy and Rothesay have been top programs in AA the last couple years and solid pieces but holes to fill and question marks. Could be wide open

AAA - Not sure what the St. Macs hype is about but will need to see to be a beliver. They have some solid players but need to show more then they have for a few years now. HVHS should still have some strong players but a coaching change again adds yet another layer. Can anyone else come out of the east HTHS, MHS, ODY? Anybody?
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PostSubject: Re: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:19 pm

SSnead wrote:

MHS - Nobody knows if they are planning to field a JV team or a Varsity team this year, but the former Riverview coach is at the wheel.  There are some great young players coming up from the minors (Lewisville area) but the program is a couple of years from competing seriously.

HTHS - don’t know if they are having a program this winter or not, can someone shed some light on this?

MHS will have a junior team and HTHS will have a senior team.
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PostSubject: Re: 2017-18 Varsity girls top 10   Today at 7:54 am

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2017-18 Varsity girls top 10
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