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 Road to AAAA Provincials

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PostSubject: Road to AAAA Provincials   Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:46 am


My Top 10

1. KSS - Shephard & Bourcier are the the VERY best Gr 12's at their positions. Keys will add size, but a totally different team (ie. the press/defense/transition) without the fantastic Sr Guards. Next year they will be beatable
2. Walnut Grove - Cowley & Rowell are next best. They will miss Wei & Nandakumar. Big time. Not sold on other bigs.
3. Tamanawis - any team with Tomley is in the hunt. Lado will be good, & guard tandem of Uppal & Viria are solid
4. St Georges - I like Mihklin & Van Stanton, over Lizdek & Oballo, so am picking St George's over Kits. Coin flip.
5. Kits - see above, nice complimentary pieces with Sokic & Domanovic. If Oballo develops an inside game, Kits might be LM 1. Lizdek had outstanding provincials, closing in on Bourcier & Rowell for GR 12 Top PG.
6. Oak Bay - always surprises (like this years GR 12 star Madhu McConnell), key players are only Gr 11 next year - Caelen Scott, Riley Kronk. Might be a year away. PG Jaden Touchie will need to score next year if they want to break into Top 3. But then even if they do, they'll get 4th seed:)
7. Semiahmoo - think the combo of Vlad Mihalia & Adam Paige will do some real damage next year. Paige deserves to be part of that elite group of Gr 12 PG's.
8. Vancouver College - bad year this year, but returnees like Sam Bailey, Castillo Jovanic will get them back to Top 10.
9. Panorama Ridge - they get into Top 10 because of Harsimran Bhullar - what a performance against SWC. Kind of faded after that, but tons of potential.
10. Burnaby South - will be back, & will be back for awhile. Like Oak Bay, most of good players are Gr 10 (Gr 11's next yr - Sehic, Sunga). GR 12 Krupic will have to lead.

HM - Terry Fox, Mouat, Killarney, Yale, Holy Cross

** Just realized after posting, I have 4 LM teams in Top 10. Someone is not going to be happy. I'm picking VC over Burnaby South (at least for 1 more year)


Now that we are headed into the last quarter of the 2016/17 season,
And most top teams have played each other. What school is looking good for the final push to win provincials.  The pre-season ranking were just that. Pre-season. Some players gone to prep and some injured makes for more challenging push to win the AAAA Provincials  in March.
Don't  think there is a dominate team like last years KSS Owls. Walnut Grove looked like they were going to run through the  competition early in the season. However, the rest of The pack has caught up. They still find ways to win though, however, it hasn't been easy lately.
Cinderella Team?
Team of destiny?
Will the  provincial seeding hve same impact as last year.
Churchill and Oak Bay short end of the stick. KSS in some fashion.
Some zones will be easy to decide, however, there will be a few zones with teams battling hard to make big dance.
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Road to AAAA Provincials
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