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 yet another playoff solution

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PostSubject: yet another playoff solution   Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:11 am

Playoff structure.

Always a contentious issue this time of year.

Here is my latest thought. After seeing some scores and situations across the province.

Thinking specifically of AAA girls right now but applies to many groups and levels at various times.

Somehow the NE always has to interlock because that is what their coaches/AD's/conference chairs etc all agree to play it out.

The SW rarely/never interlocks because that is what their coaches/AD's/conference chairs etc all agree to play it out that way.

It creates a series of scenarios that don't seem equitable. ie. Some teams in a 32 game cap playing 2 mandatory games while others play double digit numbers of league games. Some teams know their playoff position and opponents weeks ahead others are waiting until the week of regionals to find out. On the flip side teams can be preparing for sectionals 2-3 weeks ahead of time while others are battling through ridiculously competitive regionals days before sectional play begins. It goes on and on.

I'm not a hater. You tell me what the rules are and who we have to play when we show up and try to take care of business. Champions don't one things fair and easy they want to show their character in situations that are challenging. So I personally have no axe to grind with the playoff format (beyond that awkward 3/4 game that no one likes).

How about this. Assuming a universe where some leagues have to interlock and some don't. Could we at least have the same playoff formats?

IE regionals weekend everyone has a regional. if you played separately take your top 3 vs top 3 (or top 2 vs top 3 plus the 4th who gets to pretend they are from the other conference as a 3 - thanks Oromocto). if you played interlocked just get your top 6 together.

This way everyone gets more of what we want. Preparations and recovery for teams are more aligned, more teams get to make the playoffs with a chance to advance.

I can't fix your league game problem, but to be fair leagues could. Leagues decide their formats. Teams don't have to play home and home. If large leagues want less league games they can format their leagues differently.
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PostSubject: Re: yet another playoff solution   Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:59 pm

Triple AAA provincial league. Home and away. Let the uncompetitive teams demote down to AA (i.e. Oromocto, Simonds, some of the French programs on the girls side; I do not see this as contentious issue, most of these teams have lost to better Single A and AA schools for 5+ years) . AA is lean on team count so this would help flesh out their ranks.

Get rid of regionals and add a weekend to regular season. I do not buy the theory it creates too much travel. Teams run around weekend after weekend to play tournaments. Just turn the tournaments into mini league game schedules for teams that are far apart. This is a province that can schedule multiple buses to cover the same route for kids with different languages, surely we can pull of the above scheduling nuance?

Every league game is sacred (I think there is a Monty Python skit along this line). Seed 1 through 8 for second weekend and let them go at it. If you wanted to get more teams in playoffs, let top 4 get bye to second weekend and let 5 through 12 beat each other up first weekend to see who gets through.

This format removes all geographical flukes of getting in on the snide.

KV (2 in South) is going to match up against St Machs (4 in South who gets to be 3 in West since Oromocto did not have a program). Ironically, St Machs would walk over Leo Hayes (2 in West) by 20 to 30 plus. So it is going too be one hell of a tough game for KV in first round. Meanwhile, SJHS (3 in south) gets Leo Hayes (2 in west) a team they have beat by 40+ twice this year.

Sussex, KV, SJHS , St Macs and FHS out of the Southwest should be playing the second weekend. Sadly, either KV or St Macs will not be there. KV is legitimately nervous about this game!! One of BMHS, MVHS or HTHS do not belong in the second weekend but get there because of a messed up playoff system.
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yet another playoff solution
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