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 NPH Showcase vs Adidas Top 40 Camp

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PostSubject: NPH Showcase vs Adidas Top 40 Camp   Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:53 pm

Can someone explain the difference between the NPH Showcase camp vs the Adidas Top 40 Camp?
Rankings, exposure, competition etc
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PostSubject: Re: NPH Showcase vs Adidas Top 40 Camp   Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:09 pm

Based on experience, they are almost identical!

Same competition, not sure what you mean by "exposure" or Rankings?

The same players go to both camps because they love basketball and aspire to be great.

Exposure?  There is very little exposure at any Vancouver Based talent camps - We havent done them in girls as a pure exposure camp, because they dont mean much - they dont mean much because there is no US baseline to compare against. We bring up clinicians that do excellent skill development and run some recruiting services, but if you are not going to these camps to get better, than they have little value.  NO PURE MEANINGFUL Exposure.  Sorry.  It is the truth.

Rankings? For the best in BC?  For the Best in Canada?  Again, no comparison against players in Ontrario, so no baseline.  How can you compare against someone no there?  They dont mean much.  Not in Girls and Not in Boys.

If one can afford the camps go.  One should compete hard, work on skills that will make them better but dont go without understanding their value or with misconceptions.  It wont hamper you.
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NPH Showcase vs Adidas Top 40 Camp
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