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 2018 Allstars and Sectional Predictions

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PostSubject: 2018 Allstars and Sectional Predictions   Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:41 pm

Sw- AAA- Minwoo Park, Daemen Hemphill, Jamie White Ryan Scott, Gayo Isiaya
AA- Lucas Tompkins, Norman Burry, Matt Baker, Ken Daley, Sylas Hill
A- Riley Taylor, Malcolm Noel, Ethan Drost, Noah McCarthy, Ryan Ranni
NE AAA- Marc Hofer, Kris Cameron-Kogler, Alex Dool, Josh Armstrong, Kyron Amos
AA- Jaeden McIntyre
Ne AAA- Moncton, McNaughton, Riverview, Mirmachi Valley
AA- James M Hill, Tantramar, Sugarloaf, Bathurst
A- Peti, Stanley, Blackville, Campbellton
SW AAA- Fredericton, Saint John, Leo Hayes, KV
AA- Woodstock, Rothesay, Carleton North, Fundy
A- John Caldwell, FCA, Canterbury, Harvey
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PostSubject: Re: 2018 Allstars and Sectional Predictions   Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:57 pm

AAA SW Minwoo Park Daemen Hemphill Ryan Scott Will Roderick Gayo Isaya
AAA NE Marc Hoffer Chris Cameron Kogler Emmanuel Octavius Benson Doak Josh Armstrong
AA SW Lucas Tompkins Norman Burry Matt Baker Sylas Hill Jacob Connick
AA NE Jayden McIntyre Matt Kaye Jake Cassie Cameron Robichaud Cohen Patterson
A SW Ethan Drost Noah McCarthy Ryan Ranni Malcolm Noel Riley Taylor

As of current divisions
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2018 Allstars and Sectional Predictions
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