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 New Divisions Proposal, What I think should happen

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PostSubject: New Divisions Proposal, What I think should happen   Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:01 pm

Idea of what the new divisions could look like, not perfect, if I left anyone off let me know. Could be more or less per division.

Division 1
Bernice McNaughton
Miramichi Valley
Saint John
Leo Hayes
Carleton North

Division 2
Harrison Trimble
Mathieu Martin
JMA Armstrong
James M Hill
WA Losier
Harbour View
St. Malachy's
St. Stephan
Southern Victoria

Let's Say for the sake of an easy discussion topic the playoff formatting currently used is still used.

Division 1 NE
1. Bernice McNaughton
2. Moncton
3. Riverview
4. Miramichi Valley

1. Fredericton
2. Saint John
3. Leo Hayes
4. Woodstock (could be KVHS or Carleton North)

Sectionals 1, at BMHS
2. SJHS over 3. Riverview
1. BMHS over 4. Woodstock
1. BMHS over 2. SJHS

Sectionals 2, at Fredericton
3. Leo Hayes over 2. Moncton
1. Fredericton over 4. MVHS
1. Fredericton over 3. Leo Hayes

1. Fredericton over 1. BMHS

All- Stars
Marc Hoffer
Chris Cameron Kogler
Josh Armstrong
Benson Doak
Emmanuel Octavius

Minwoo Park
Will Roderick
Daemen Hemphill
Ryan Scott
Norman Burry

Division 2
1. L'Odyssee
2. Harrison Trimble
3. James M Hill
4. Tantramar

1. St. malachy's
2. Rothesay
3. Harbour View
4. Fundy

Sectionals 1, at L'Odyssee
2. Rothesay over 3. James M Hill
1. L'Odysee over 4. Fundy
2. Rothesay over 1. L'Odysee

Sectionals 2, at St. Malachy's
2. Harrison Trimble over 3. St. Malachy's
1. Harbour View over 4. tantraamr
1. harbour view over 2. harrison trimble

2. Rothesay over 4. Harbour View

All Stars
Gabriel Cormier L'Odysee
Matt Kaye Tantramar
Jaden McIntyre James M Hill
Ben McKillop Harrison trimble
Lucas Cormier Tantramar

Matt Baker Rothesay
Ken Daley Rothesay
Jack Fury Miller
Ryan Booth Harbour View
Brad Blizzard Hampton

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PostSubject: Re: New Divisions Proposal, What I think should happen   Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:42 am

This is an interesting take and not being an expert my initial thoughts would be:

- Lets begin by saying that my understanding is while this is not something that will be voted on at the AGM it will be discussed. It is a proposal from a committee and the committee would have final say based on the feedback.

- While there are still more questions than answers, it is worth noting that
* The two divisions in each will be decided based on conference performance vs all schools in their tiered conference. Ie. All 400+ southern schools would play and conference results would determine whether they were div 1 or 2. Not school size.

* Not all the teams you listed would be in the 400+ category teams like JMA/ Fundy/ SVHS would be below 400 9-12.

* My understanding is also that in order to make for more meaningful play in leagues that the playoff format would change so that being the 9-10 th best team in Division 1, would still hold some sort of playoff spot to avoid those teams wanting to be the best team in division 2 instead and play their league games accordingly.
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PostSubject: Re: New Divisions Proposal, What I think should happen   Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:06 pm

What if we leave the A,AA, and AAA divisions and add a Super 6 or 8 division that you can apply to join. I know FHS, LHHS and some of the big schools want to do this. Province wide league of 6 or 8 teams. You would have to review applications if you had more than 8 apply. Teams that do not apply would stay in their division based on school size or apply to move up. Example Rothesay who would be "AA" now decides to go "AAA" because the huge schools are now in their own league.

Our current playoff format stays the same for the A,AA, and AAA teams.

The super 8 league has a playoff structure like Nova Scotia runs for basketball at St. Mary's University. Play it at the Currie Center or any interested university. 3 day tournament everyone gets 3 games. 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 and then semis and a final and consolation games to determine 1st-8th. This way if you know you would be a 5th-8th place team you could play high level competition all season and still get a playoff experience at the highest level instead of staying in AAA and blowing everyone out just so your players experience Harbour Station/Playoffs. I think this would be huge for university programs in terms of scouting and players trying to get recognized.

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PostSubject: Re: New Divisions Proposal, What I think should happen   

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New Divisions Proposal, What I think should happen
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