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 AAA Rankings

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PostSubject: AAA Rankings   Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:59 am

Here are my AAA rankings as we get ready to go down the stretch run. There's only another month left. Here's where I see everyone so far:

1. Bathurst- They've been the top team all year, with only a couple of losses. The last loss to Leo Hayes should motivate them to get better. They are the most explosive team in the province.

2. Leo Hayes- A very good team, yet inconsistent at times. Lose by 30pts to Bathurst and have beaten them. Which team will show up is sometimes a question.

3. Riverview- This team can flat out shoot it. Have many players on the floor who are a threat from 3 pt land. Will size be an issue for them coming down the stretch?

4. Fredericton- This team is huge and will give a lot of teams problems on the boards. They play physical and a team isn't willing to match that can beat anyone on any day.

5. KV- Very skilled team and have all of the tools necessary to win. No real "big"(height) guys, could hurt them against the "top" teams.

6. Bernice MacNaughton- Have some big bodies in the middle. Don't shoot it as well as some other teams, but could give some teams trouble down the stretch if their big guys come to play.

7. Oromocto- They work their tails off. Have a couple of really nice players in Brad Hovey and Jon Ryer. If those two shoot it well, they can definately give teams a run come playoff time.

8. Woodstock- They're young, but they continue to work hard and continue to get better. The last couple of games vs. FHS they've played very well and have played them close.

9. Sussex- In second place in the south right now and alwasy work hard and are disciplined. They run their offense and if they stay patient will always get that open look...if they make it, they'll be in the game.

10. Saint John High- From what I hear have a nice team. Good height, good skill and good work ethic.

I think the problem with the last couple of teams is that they haven't played the "top" level teams. It is extremely tough to just "turn it on" come playoff time.

Thoughts? Anyone I missed?
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PostSubject: Re: AAA Rankings   Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:05 pm

Those rankings look pretty solid....I think LHHS will be the team to beat down the stretch...they have a rep for getting stronger in February ( especially defensively ) while BHS has the opposite rep....
Strength of schedule is also a factor... Jan - feb is usually spent in league play for most teams and the South , west , and east certainly have more competitive league schedules , while in the north , BHS will get pushed very little in league play as they have to play ESN,Caraquet (PLM) and JMH...these are the kind of games where you get away with less effort , don't get to play your starters much and often pick up bad habits....the things that can really hurt a team when they move into a win or go home scenario in play-offs...they will have to have intense competitive practices down the stretch if they want to maintain a high level of play....a challenge to the work ethic of their players....
LHHS is too deep , too tough and too skilled for FHS , or KV to knock em off in conference tourney play. RHS willl certainly be able to knock off BHS in their conference tourney.
Then in regionals , LHHS will host and win theirs , while either BHS or RHS will host the other....and it will be a battle

LHHS regioanl will have BHS or RHS (2nd in NE) KVHS and probably HTHS,MHS or ODY( all are very close)...LHHS is a lock to win that
RHS (or BHS ) Regional will feature the always dangerous Black Kats and BMHS AND Oromocto...should provide some competitive basketball...
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PostSubject: Re: AAA Rankings   Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:58 pm

fhs to represent in both aaa games. we are just hitting our stride now
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PostSubject: Re: AAA Rankings   Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:52 pm

hmmm...on the boys side , very possible....on the girls side , hosting the regional is critical , cause the 2nd place team gotta cross over to the RHS regional, and it's game over there....WHS will be very good in the western conference tourney.....i am bettin a team might even consider tanking a game in the conference tournament to avoid , 2nd or 4th and not cross over...heheheheh !
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PostSubject: Re: AAA Rankings   

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AAA Rankings
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