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The opportunity to talk about issues affecting Canadian basketball from coast-to-coast
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PostSubject: LOOKING FOR SPORTS WRITERS AND FANS   Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:13 am


Do you miss being “between the lines”, or the thrill of witnessing “the moment”? As a player or a fan we all cherish and hope to capture moments that help define our sports history. From Hail Mary passes, buzzer beating jumpers, miracles on ice or the rare triple play, being part of the game action or in the stands holds special moments for all sports fans, young and old.

The Sports Wire offers aspiring, creative writers and amateur sports enthusiasts who are looking to help promote and build awareness of our great Canadian athletes and teams, a platform to express their thoughts, opinions, stories and reports. The goal of The Sports Wire is not only to help further the careers and awareness of the athletes and teams, but at the same time offer an outlet for writers to build their journalism portfolio.

How often do you wonder how players or teams on the other side of Canada are doing during their season? As an athlete how often do you wish that more recruiting doors were open if you just had the right coverage? Many online sources limit themselves to one specific avenue (University Men’s Basketball or College Women’s Volleyball), or focus on one geographic location (East / West Coast). Our focus is to bring all sports, demographics and geographic locations together in one source.

For more information please email: c-court@telus.net
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